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Elsa finally had a chance to breathe. Days after days, ‘Damn, what the fuck.' She looked at her now hands, “Fucking training with a Russian warrior all day.” She further thought ‘Now I cannot do anything but be able to fire and function with a freaking AK, all day! It is not dang fair! I swear!’ She tried to wipe her tired eyes and tried to stay up.

‘Now I have to wait for Sarah, she said that she had something for me after I had to go through heck, I have to admit though. The AK-103 is one hell of a piece of gear. Then again, ‘Oh god. I was running, training…’ She saw the visions of her week of training, running in the mud, firing in all positions of the night with her weapon. It was…hellish.’

Elsa couldn’t help but look at a note, “Sarah gave me this after all this stuff was done. She said she was going to give me something pretty awesome for my fighting stuff. God, please don’t let them be nuts, I already got a gun...what else do I need?”

A booming voice came behind Elsa, “Oh Elsa, you are boring are you, stressing out about things that you don’t need.” She had two long knives and a long bag, “You need to be able to do a fight with your hands, knife and a rifle. I see all morning that you had been fighting with a gun with my friend. I hope that she was habitable, but that doesn’t matter at the moment.”

It was Sarah and sat down the long bag first, “here is your sword” next she puts down one of the two knives, “Here is your utility knife.” She had a giggle “But before I let you see the last one, take a look at the first ones I put on the ground for you.”

Elsa nods, “Alright let me see..” She took the large broad bag first and took out a blade, it was a leaf-shaped blade that was meant to cut through dense wood, jungle, and other household tasks, a barong, “Wow this is cool! I bet I can do a lot of stuff with this!” She got up and swung it around like a small child.

Sarah had to calm her down “Hey Elsa calm down, it isn’t the only thing you have, I swear it is maybe your momma’s part Filipino blood that is making you act like that, now sit down.” She brought forth the second large stick, yet it was wrapped in a logo of some sort that read ‘Ice Steel, Knife & Sword Company.'

“What the heck is that!?” She took the blade out of the sheath to show a pitch black blade that was designed out of a katana but in a way wasn’t one. It had a guard that was a mix of a disk guard and a guard of the kriegsmesser. “Wow…”

Sarah whispered in Elsa’s ears, “Unleash the weapon to see its soul.”

Elsa then unsheathed the weapon and seen the black sword of the weapon. The sword was katana like and was parkerized to prevent rust. It was modern and beautiful all at the same time, and the blade's edge was a clean mirror finished like edge. “Wow...this is more badass! I thought that this would be a shitty factory weapon but actually…

Sarah rolls her eyes, “I know what you mean, still, its what we called the Long Echo and made just for you dear.” She then began to give her the sheath for the sword, “now put that away. I have one more thing to give you.”

Elsa brought the long sword out and then began to pick up a black leather sheath of what seemed a long knife of some sort. It called Elsa to unsheathe the weapon, and she did. It was a beautiful long knife that was long and the hand made out of dark grey plastic with the word ‘Wrath’ on it. Elsa’s eyes had begun to glow as she swung it around “Wow this is awesome!”

Elsa's felt like she had already known what to do, ‘This is a seax….I know how to use this weapon, and I have to make this work for me…” She felt her memories go through her mind ‘perfect, now use will save your life.’ “I know your name, its Wrath? I think I can use you and well you are going to mine for life.”

Elsa closes her eyes, “Thank you, Sarah, you didn’t have to do this ya know?”

“I had to do it. You were under-equipped and not ready to take on your enemies in the assassin tournament; I was just there looking out for you at the moment.”

Life though had some more words, “Oh look at you two, Sarah-Chan you are giving this little girl a weapon? Wow, that is a knife. A nice like a baby finally gets something for her trouble.”

Elsa looks over, “What the fuck!? Who are you!?”

A girl jumped right on the side of Sarah and allowed herself to be seen. She was an Asian girl, a Japanese girl. She seemed to have a princess feel to her face with a confident smile on her face and a hairstyle that was long, but with a straight cut, a princess cut to be precise. She didn’t wear a killers outfit, but one that had spoken of a woman of high class with a rather elaborate and beautiful flower and dragon themed kimono. “Let me introduce myself, little girl, I am Himeko Princess of the assassin world and your opponent, and what I have seen so far, I can tell that you haven’t been doing this sort of work for long or are a virgin assassin aren’t you?”  She didn’t seem angry whatsoever but calm and collected.

“Hey what do you mean?” Elsa got up and took her long knife and unsheathed it “I am just a normal girl, what do you mean by that!?”

Himeko jumped over Sarah and right in front of Elsa “I am trying to tell you that… are not suited for this work and that the tournament you are about to be apart of is not for little kids but more mature individuals?”

Elsa snarls for a moment as she was trying to restrict herself for using the blade for the wrong reasons, “What?”

Himeko chuckles and hums, “Get killed by the big girls.” She stood back and shrugs, “Still, I don’t know what to say, little girl. You are so new and young; I am curious if you could even do well.” She then asked, “Still, do you want to go at it? Touch me, and well I will get you some actual Japanese food.”

Sarah sighed “Wow Himeko, ignore me already? I thought we were friends. Still, I wanna see Elsa have a real fight in her hands.”

Himeko nods as she came with a polite and kind smile, “Well then, I surely can provide it.” She then goes into a fighting position and says, “Touch me, and we can have fun.”

Elsa got up with her seax as she put it on, “Alright!” She ran forward and began to kick Himeko in the head, “Alright! Let me take you down!” She had a bigger giggle ‘This is going to be hilarious!”

Himeko saw Elsa’s kick and dodged it like it was in slow motion, “I must say you have decent form. Most people would not have been able to dodge that.” Himeko smiled as she dodged several kicks heading right at her, “Oh not bad but you have to try that again. I mean you are alright, but you are still a cute little girl.”

Elsa jumped out and tried to beat down Himeko “Come on! Stay down! I want to make you feel that!” She focused on Himeko’s movements and tried to find a weakness, and she couldn’t find anything. “Come on!”

Himeko couldn’t help but smile calmly“Well now; you are something else, normally people would have tried to stop me by now. Let’s say that I am better than how I look.” Himeko thought ‘I am getting bored at this. She is never going to hit me but why should I let her?’

Elsa kept on moving and tried to touch her ‘Dang it! Stay down! I am going to touch this girl! I won’t let anyone beat me!’

Himeko dodged and calculated Elsa’s movements like it was nothing. She thought ‘if she were a normal girl, maybe not. She is getting close to okay though as a civilian she is fantastic. She has skills many 30-year-old adults would only wish to have. Still, not even close to me.” She kept on dodging Elsa’s attacks, ‘I will let her touch me since this might be fun but I am not learning anything.’ She then began to move slightly and was ready to be touched.

Elsa noticed and finally poked Himeko on her forehead, “I got ya.” She stepped back and laughed some more “It looks like you can get me that Sushi meal.”

Himeko nods, “Of course. I can do that. Besides, for a civilian you are a pretty good little girl.”

Sarah rolled her eyes and took the sword and barong on her back, “I will take these little Elsa. I am going to let you spend time with your friend. You need to make new friends and also gain intelligence so have fun eat sushi. Also, don’t go and get poisoned on me.”

Himeko laughs a bit “Oh don’t worry, I don’t want to. It won’t make me any money.” She looked serious and had a sword bag on her hips.

Sarah tossed Elsa a sword bag for her seax, “Take this and put your weapon in theirs. It is your badge of office, your true badge. Still, keep it in there for mobilities sake little Elsa. Also, there is a notch so you can string that blade around also…” She took Elsa’s cell phone from her pocket and put it in a pouch on the blade bag, “It serves a cute cellphone pouch.”

Sarah then walked past her “Take care, I have a lot of things to do for you. Besides coming back to your base today, it will be much different.” Sarah disappeared after running a distance leaving Elsa and Himeko alone.

Himeko tugged Elsa along, “Alright then little girl, we are going to have a girls day out. You are in dire need of one; you practically are acting like a boy.”

Elsa yelped as she was dragged on the next section of her life.


Elsa is beginning to being tossed around again by Himeko, “God, she is a fucking girly girl!? How do they do it!?” She dragged in huffing and puffing as they were running about the downtown area of Dream Haven. They were exploring the shopping district, and she already had got some souvenirs that she seen some of her servants carry.

Himeko though was often in her world, “Wow this is certainly a nice place. Still, it looks off between us.”

Elsa was now more confused, “Wait what do you mean off!?”

Himeko’s looked at Elsa’s body movements, and they seem to be that of a boy, “Well one you have incorrect posture, you have an ugly stance, and earlier today, I noticed today that you sat with your legs a boy.”

Elsa snarled “Wait why do you say that? I am going to sit like that.”

Himeko smirked some more as she had a smile, “Is this one of those tomboy American things, Girls acting more like guys kind of thing?”

Elsa blushed a bit; she thought ‘Should I tell her that I am a switch, no it would be too much.’ She smiled and spoke, “Well you can say that. I mean, you can say that I was practically was raised as a boy. So yes, it's one of those American tomboy things” She laughed a bit with an attempted girlish laugh.

Himeko looked into her eyes ‘So she must be hiding something, I will find it out soon, I always do.’ She couldn’t help but smile, “Well then. I am going to have to give you something you should have more of.”

Elsa gulped, “What is that?”

Himeko then points at Elsa “Get a makeover and a nice girly dress like a Yukata. It would work well with a peasant girl like you.”  Elsa smiled “Thanks that would sound fun. I mean I saw them they would even make me...uh cute.”

Elsa couldn’t help but like Himeko. Himeko was a nice girl but underneath all that kindness was a girl who didn’t want to reveal everything. She thought ‘it's nice to play her game.’ It caused Elsa more hell. She was again dolled up by someone else. At First, it was Angel from a few weeks back that made her wear pink lingerie, and now it was worse under Himeko. She came out of a simple shop in the middle of Little Tokyo that specializes in Japanese clothing, Little Memory. It was a shop that had a small open store feel with Japanese Kimonos and Yukatas lining the walls. Himeko imposed a different design.

Himeko couldn’t help but smile when she pulled out a Yukata with a flower design with wolves chasing around it, “Here this will look nice on you, it seems to match with your cute but untamed looks.”

Elsa began to step back, ‘Okay, I am still not used to this gay shit but I am a girl...this is supposed to be normal?’ She admitted, “Okay but show me how to wear this...I am a tomboy ya know?”

Himeko dragged her in the dressing room “Don’t worry everything will be alright.”

In a few moments of a battle in the dressing room, Himeko was finally able to push Elsa out, “alright then. that should work. You are ready to go and show off more refined appearance to the rest of the world. I think you would grow to like it.”

Elsa stopped herself, “Alright then you didn’t have to shove me right in front of the mirror! I am more than capable of walking!” She wanted to yell more but then….she said ‘Is that me?”

Elsa couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror. Sure, in the past Angel dressed her in pink lingerie and it was weird, but this seemed almost if she could imagine cute, ‘I love this...I mean this design made out of silver and gold wolves with flowers...seems to wrap around's somewhat shapeless, but then my boobs still pop out. I have to admit the shorter sleeves is much more maneuverable.” She looked down at her feet and said ‘It may be a clash with my sneakers but still...the colors work with it and….”

Himeko whispered, “Oh are already getting used to it, yes? I mean now you are much cuter than your tomgirl side.”

Elsa blushed “Thanks, I am sure I am going to get many..people to talk to me and such.”

Himeko laughed politely and with a sort grace “Well let's eat...this is some actual tiring to tame a tomboy.” She then began to motion Elsa to come over, “Now let's go eat. I am going to show you some actual Japanese food.”

Elsa yelped “Hey! I know what Sushi is!”

Himeko was odd; she had a gentle and kind grace that was hard to place. Elsa couldn’t help but walk by her and think ‘Man she seems rather nice and in a way cute.’ She couldn’t wrap her head around it; she is an assassin? How is that even possible? She doesn’t act like one and doesn’t even compose herself as a all said appearances she was normal, disturbingly normal.

Himeko stopped in front of a warehouse, “Let's stop here and don’t be so damned open on the warehouse. There is something special for you to do.” She smirked as then a scene of horror is shown. Two men were placed on two poles and set up like Tatami mats yet, their mouths were wrapped to prevent screaming, “You know a little execution. Also, it's a bit better because we get paid for it.”

Elsa’s eyes had begun to become wide with horror, “What the fuck!? Are you going to kill that man!?”

Himeko nods “Well both of them and let you have the other half of the money. I want to give you the experience of the money assassination causes.”

Elsa then said, “But they are…”

Himeko took out her tanto and as if in a flash, spurts of blood comes out of their necks, “Tatami mats.” She then yelled in Japanese, ‘Please clean up the mess. I want to hang out and I do have all the money I need.” She calms down and brings back her composed nature and says to her fellow assassins, “Give it to the little girl in front of me. She needs to know the riches she is getting into.”

Elsa was shocked and thought ‘What the fuck? She just killed them. It was like she didn’t even need to breathe, hell did she even breathe?’ She stood still with her mortality in danger but like a deer caught in the headlights and she couldn’t move out of terror.

Himeko pats her back “Oh calm down, and let's have fun. At least I finished my work. Besides, in the tournament of assassins, we are going to be pit together like this. Maybe not killing but damned close to it. Still, who knows someone may have a special order and we would have to kill in the tournament.”

Himeko whispered in her ears, “You better be ready to fight little girl.” She giggled “Since, after this sushi break, I am gunning for you….”

Elsa heard the words of the Himeko and could only nod.

Later that day.

Elsa returns to her base and passes by Ragnara the puppy. She snatches her up and hugs her. “Fuck! What the fuck did I see!” She kept back her tears the entire time she was with Ragnara in her arms, “Fuck! What did I get myself into!?”

Around here was the weaponry in an ordered manner with an armor folding together. The tears came down Elsa's face, and Rangara was still in her arms as calm as possible. Almost licking her face to make her pay attention to her. “It’s okay baby; I still have you on my arm.”

She placed Ragnara on the ground gently. She grabbed a note nearby her, it was from Sarah and read it, “I have to go elsewhere for my duties...also, by assassin tradition, it's not proper for me to see you put on your first assassin suit. It will grow with you; it was built to do so. I know this is going to be a hard life and you are going to see terrible things, but part of me hopes and prays that this will protect you. Sarah.”

Elsa sighed as it was a bittersweet message. She took the armor and began to put it on. It was black and segmented armor that was still skin tight. It was weird; it was so easy for her to put on and even had weapon slots around her. She couldn’t help but say that it felt solid, worthwhile. It had a visor that could present her face or hide her face all at the same time.

It didn’t matter. ‘I guess, my fate has been chosen for me. There is no way for me to escape this isn’t there? I see what Himeko could do...the cops couldn’t catch her, and if they did they would be dead in but a few moments.’

Elsa took her sword and put it around her back and her seax over her waist. “I guess this looks cool. I mean, I look like someone to be taken seriously now.”

Elsa pat Ragnara in the head and whispered, “I will be back little one, don’t follow me, I will give you a lot of hugs.”

Elsa went out of the base and finally on top of a building. “No one is watching, and it seems that no one cares.” She focused and meditated on what she had seen and what happened. ‘Two men died in my hands, and I am to go and...fight in that situation.’

Elsa closes her eyes deeply ‘I have to think...what could have been can things be improved from this hell.’ She still could see the blood and the silent screams of the executed men and….overthought things, ‘She and so many other assassins killed for only what they wanted...profit…I want to be can I be different?’

“How can I be different?”

She pointed in the air but could only answer to herself, “I don’t know…”

Here is the next part of Elsa's story, her in the real life. She is trying to complete her training but it seems she is going through a continual series of training...yet, another friend comes into her lfie...that of Himeko and she shows her the true life of an assassin. Now its a question of what to do with her 'Real Life'. 
This story is a good one and is more about assassins and stuff and college frustrations, so come on and have fun. Also the world these characters reside is in :icondream-havenda:. Have fun. 
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