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It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog, or since I posted a finished artwork. In this little life-sign post I want to share with you what I have been doing in the meantime:…
Hey everyone, 

I made a blog for my secondary passion, photography. Feel free to check it out:…

Hey everyone,

This is a little off-topic:

Form my diploma thesis (Designing and marketing an illustrated collection of poems and short stories by Edgar Allan Poe) I am conducting a consumer survey to help optimizing the positioning of my product at the market.

I would be very glad if you'd help my with that by answering a few questions.

All answers are ANONYMOUS and processed exclusively for internal usage. No third parties will get access to this data.

Link to the survey:…

Best Regards,

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I am happy to announce, that I am part of this beautiful project. Please take a moment to check out the page and the amazing work by all the artists. The project is live now!…
Channel thumbnail VauntStudy by SebastianBecker

Here's the link: 
Screenshot (13a3) by SebastianBecker

Just a quick reminder, you can find process shots, study drawings and other creative shenanigans on my instagram page:…
I did a short write up on the Evolution of my Ophelia piece over  the last year:…
I did a little (cough cough more or less longer) article about the artistic year 2016:………
Come join me:………
I'm testing twitch right now:…
Here is part two in my series of painting videos for Deathspirit: 

Refining Digitally Painted Thumbnails in Photoshop

My thumbnailing process. Finally got to recording process videos. Gonna release them as seperate sections.


I updated my Inprnt shop with some fresh prints:

Uncut or speed up?! 
Comment below. 
So I see not a whole lot of interaction here on deviantart, which I find sad. Let's change that! Please feel free to share your artstories, opinions and thoughts. I'd love to know something about the person behind that followercounter. 

Also I created a twitter account, so if you like twitter feel free to connect with me there:

But I think best to start with my own story: 

I came to art through the Dungeons and Dragons manual Edition 3.5 and especially the works of Todd Lockwood. I immediately grabbed a pencil and tried to draw our own RPG-group. That was at age 15, I think. 
From that on art was always a hobby for me. I couldn't even imagine myself becoming an artist or illustrator. Back then I wanted to become a scientist. It wasn't untill I strugled through my sixth form Physics and Math courses that I noticed I wouldn't be able to do this stuff all day. So I listened to my heart and ddecided the only thing I could do all day, day-to-day, was art.
I applied for a designschool a year before the end of my highschool years, got acepted and half a year after highschool started studying Communication and Graphicdesign. 
Now I'm in my 6th of 9 semester. 

Right now I have a bazillion ideas in my head about projects but about zero time to get to all of them. There are 3 comicbook ideas, 3 ideas for an artbook and even an idea for what I think would be a great movie. But for the moment, I try to tackle one of that artbooks, which would be a collection of related series of paintings. Let's see what will come out of that. 

Best regards 

P.S.: Don't forget I'm curious to hear your stories. 
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"Everyone always tells you that no brush means a difference. I'm here today to tell you different!
Don't get me wrong, no brush in the world can make you skip fundamentals. There is no anatomy brush or perspective brush (although there are grid brushes but they won't help if you don't know how to use them).
So why am I here then?"

Find out here:…