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The beginnings of some sort of vault - under expansion!
For the moment divided between comic samples and loose pictures from the archives.


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Sebastian-Ericson's Profile Picture
Sebastian Ericson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Unsung hero of the sequential art, from the grim rain soaked cityscape of Gothenburg.

Graphic novels and short stories is my main operative field, but I do make occacional independant illustrations and design which are unrelated to some comic work in progress.
I'm specialized in black and white graphics; using ink pens of different thickness. Often the finished images are trimmed with some digital effects.
Other graphic work includes logo, flyer, cover, business card and tattoo design.


MID WINTER (working title)
A wordless horror story about a small boy in early 20th century, visiting his grand parents at their country house in the west of Scotland. One day he wakes up to find the whole landscape changed and the people of the house unable to wake up. Fear mounts as he tries to tackle this new reality.


DÖDA HANDEN (eng. The Dead Hand) – Swedish language, 264 pages.
Spy thriller set in a world where the cold war has continued into the 21st century. Features the defection of female KGB agent “Vera”, as she's caught trying to leak data over to West Berlin and her following struggle to break out of the Eastern block. The data is stored in her neuro chips but she has no idea of the grave nature of it.

“CIGGY”, “SNOWY” & “STICK-BOY” STORIES – So far four shorter comics has been made; all in swedish. In the center of it all is a trio of so-called friends, from a depressing concrete suburb of an unnamed swedish city. A common theme in all the stories is the pitch black humor and time period slang.
The first comic “The naughty boys” (20 pages) starts in 1978, with them being between 12 and 15 and already begun dealing drugs in school. The story depicts them making a move to eliminate the school's top tough-guy and dealer.
In “Coffee & evil spirals” (18 pages) we are already well into the 80's. Drama and drugs has deteriorated the trios friendship. "Ciggy” has gotten a flat from welfare and has to drink coffee all the time to level his strong anti-rage medicine. On this sunday a bunch of people comes ringing on his door; all looking for some specific person to square off with. They all end up at poor Ciggy's flat at the same time and shit hits critical mass!
In “Studs & neon” (20 pages), Ciggy gets a call from the tragic druggie punk "Stick-boy", telling him that "Snowy's" burgled his roof-top tent to collect his debts. In the process Ciggy's electric guitar was stolen, which so happens he's in dire need of – his band's got a gig tonight! So the story features Ciggy running all across town; looking for Snowy and freaking out more and more.
Finally in “Noize & booze haze” (24 pages), Ciggy's new girlfriend talks him into joining her at Snowy's birthday party. Virtually everybody is at the crowded fancy mansion, kissing Snowy's feet. A shitload of old grudges and drama is spinning out of control during all the synth pop and drink-tossing.

CHASING THROUGH HELL – English languge, 19 pages.
A low fantasy story in the world of Angmoor. Features a sole surviving captain in full armor, escaping through a jungle after a failed attempt to pillage a legendary ruined city. Tailing him, is a black native girl. Why she persists, he don't know. All he knows is that he's driven insane by the sweat and crawling vermin beneath his armor and that he cannot take it off – cause then he's exposing himself to her poison arrows!

THE ODUM RECOVERY – English language, 36 pages.
This also set in the fantasy world of Angmoor. Features an odd trio - a mage paladin, a rogue woman warrior and a peasant girl pathfinder in search of a legendary old grimoire. Also in quest for this is the rogue's former liege – an embittered age-old sorcerer. In the end, their paths are crossed.

GAMMA CHROME – English language, 111 pages.
A space adventure, set in a colonized solar system but plays out in a space station for the most part. Takes good inspiration from old hard sci-fi books, but features an speed-modified anarchic girl pilot at the same time. A space organization wants to exploit her abilities in the space race against the systems other superpower and gives her a second chance. Her looney antics goes more and more off the rails as it clashes against the stations stiff environment.

CLERODCYDE - English language, 31 pages.
A cyberpunk story set in future Berlin. An anti-terrorist agent is put on the case of tracking down a hacker couple and retrieve stolen data, concerning a mysterious shut down government experiment program. The black clad couple sits in an illegal club, grieving their friend who was erased earlier this day, as the agent closes in on them with his battle robot.


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