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Wayfarer crew

By SebasP
Edit 1:  I changed a few things based on the comments and did the flats. original to compare.  THANKS!
Edit 2: final colors.  I'm not sure if the book specifies the colors of Dr Cheff and Ohan. 

Process here:…

A bit more than a sketch, I loved the book, finished it and  looked on the internet for images of these guys and I didnt find a single one... so of I had to do this.

 Any suggestions to make em closer to the book's descriptions?

MS5- PScc 2014
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i think ohan is meant to be blue

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Awesome image, especially love Kizzy and Jenks! In regards to making them more like the book, I am pretty sure Ohan had blue fur and Ashby had curly hair (from the description I was left with the impression that he is qarteroon?? Not sure about that bit though..).

Same with me, btw, I also looked for images and couldn't find anything other than your pic, so thanks for that!
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ugh, blue fur. I shouldnt have missed that.  I'll update this then

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You should enter this into the Hodderscape book contest! I just put mine in ;)  - more info in the description:  Pei by Jezhawk
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Thanks!  I had this sketch that I did when I first read the book but I colored it for the contest.  Your piece looks great, good luck!
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Thanks! Good luck too!
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Fantastic work.  As others have pointed out yeah Sissix should have a flat face (and iirc, Chambers has even said on twitter that aandrisks have flat faces).  As for Rosemary, I'm guessing that's who Kizzy has her arm wrapped around?  Though Jenks and Lovey described her as having short curly hair when they discussed her.

Everyone else looks perfect though!
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thanks!  I read the second book last month and I see that I misinterpreted the "flat" from the Aandrisk's faces thinking that her head was flat at the top.

I have to make some time to update and color this one
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Oh man I'd love to see this one colored!
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Really good artwork, I loved this book and can't wait for the sequel coming out this month! 

Regarding Sissix, I imagined her looking like a Reptoid alien but with feathers (…)

Ohan seemed more lemur like to me, with huge eyes. But I like your interpretation as well.

I imagined Dr. Chef as some really weird alien tardigrade, when he opened his mouth, it opened up more like a worm's kind of. His whiskers almost engulfed his whole face and he had tiny black eyes atop his head. (He was one of my favourite characters, I really found him endearing and felt most sorry for him too.)

Everyone else I'd say is pretty much spot on! I see Ashby, Jenks, Kizzy, the grumpy Corby,... but who is that person who Kizzy's got her arm wrapped around? I can't remember... also where's Rosemary? :p 

How do you imagine the Aeluons and the Toremi? I kinda struggled to imagine those, especially the Aeluons. I imagine a tall Grey like alien with smooth scales whose eyelids blink sideways.
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Hey man, I updated with some of your comments, what do you think?
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I really like the colours. Especially on Kizzy, you captured her skin tone perfectly. The updated face on Sissix looks great too.

So that person Kizzy is hugging is Rosemary? I imagined her as white as I think that the Martians had varying skin tones while the Exodans are the ones who all merged into one skin tone. It's been a while since I read the books so I might be misremembering. 

How did you find the second book? I have yet to read it but my local book store just started putting them in stock so I was thinking of picking it up. People are saying it's really different from the first.
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I used this so I didnt have to re-read everything for details:…
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Interesting. I didn't know it had a wiki.
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everything has a wiki these days :P  but I found it trough Google, didn't know either
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final version :)
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Yes, it kinda follows trough a tangent, but its an awesome book that explores humanity from a different perspective. I'd say it has a lot more of the questions about the world that make sci-fi something separated from just fantasy. ( wow review! :P )

thanks for the new comments :) there is a fan art contest and I thought this pic was great to submit…
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I'm glad you recognized all of them, I didnt want to humanize Sissix to much, I imagined her as a dinosaur all trough the book and maybe the description wasnt like this, but I couldnt avoid it.

maybe I did humanize a bit much the good Dr Chef, you'r description sounds alien and I like that. As for Ohan, he was the most difficult one, I dont know if I couldnt find a better description of him but I remember that he looked like a stoned student
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It's great to see fanart of this book!  I love your designs for the aliens.

As for suggestions, the book made it pretty clear that Corbin was the only human who looked, well, white.  All the references to him being
'pink' and the others being various shades of brown?
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yep, had this in mind for the colors :)  
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thanks!  I actually dont think I saw any other fan art of the crew.  

I want to color this when I get some free time so I'll remember your note about the skin.
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Just finished the book and love this though I pictured Sizzix being a bit more human like a bit more like Vastra from Doctor Who but with a tale, feathers and claws. Apart from that this is pretty much spot on :D 
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