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Many of you with a TF OC focus more on the character than the disguise mode in your artworks, but at some point I imagine you have come across the moment of choosing a mode for your character. Everyone has a story or reason for choosing what they chose, which is always fun to read up on.

While I'm brainstorming ideas for a project at the office, decided to write a journal entry just to give my mind a little break.

I knew Dark Flower had to change into something that screams ravishing with a heavy dose of sinister charm. The disguise I had in mind for her is a heavily restomoded version of an old Bugatti Type 57SC. But, I love aircraft more than I love cars. One option I thought about is a triple transformation ability, something some of the AOE characters were capable of, like Drift.

What makes it difficult is that the Type 57 is not a very large car, and I wish to keep consistent with overall physical volume (type 57's volume may be similar to the new Camaros), so my options are limited! The MD 500 attack chopper looks mighty tasty. Or, this quirky little thing:…

One thing I gotta keep in mind, Dark Flower's human friend has to be able to ride in it. Time for some research once I get home. This is mui exciting!

Back to work!
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I got tagged, interesting! By TrueError to do these 8 facts about my OC.

* * *

1- Post 8 rules about your character.

2- Tag 8 other characters.

3- Post their names along with their creator’s avatar.

* * *

[Supposed] Facts about Dark Flower:

1- Origins unknown. Rumors tell of a poisonous forest of deadly metal flowers...

2- Wasn't always evil, but always eccentric and brimming with energy.

3- Hatred for humans know no bounds; ironically she befriends a human, who also hates humans...

4- Has a sister who's quite the saint (she LOVES humans).

5- Has, erm...had, a large starship with a full crew, all disbanded when she changed...starship's location is a mystery.

6- Once called Optimus Prime a colorful clown.

7- Once taunted Megatron down to his knees.

8- As jaunty as a jester, as quiet as a cat, Decepticons look up to her, Autobots loathe her, humans fear her, she's Dark Flower!

* * *

Hate to do this, but I'm off to bed now...(Dark Flower, "Pfft, stupid lazy human...)
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