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I got tagged, interesting! By TrueError to do these 8 facts about my OC.

* * *

1- Post 8 rules about your character.

2- Tag 8 other characters.

3- Post their names along with their creator’s avatar.

* * *

[Supposed] Facts about Dark Flower:

1- Origins unknown. Rumors tell of a poisonous forest of deadly metal flowers...

2- Wasn't always evil, but always eccentric and brimming with energy.

3- Hatred for humans know no bounds; ironically she befriends a human, who also hates humans...

4- Has a sister who's quite the saint (she LOVES humans).

5- Has, erm...had, a large starship with a full crew, all disbanded when she changed...starship's location is a mystery.

6- Once called Optimus Prime a colorful clown.

7- Once taunted Megatron down to his knees.

8- As jaunty as a jester, as quiet as a cat, Decepticons look up to her, Autobots loathe her, humans fear her, she's Dark Flower!

* * *

Hate to do this, but I'm off to bed now...(Dark Flower, "Pfft, stupid lazy human...)
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