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Tieria Prime - Portrait

Here's my latest TF artwork, of OC Tieria Prime. This was part of a small art trade with :icontieriaprime: !

The artwork was also a part of some experimentation for my own OC project. Everything was done in Photoshop with a drawing tablet and an exhausted hand, and I'm glad to have finished this piece! She's got a battle mode as well, which I'll upload later on. Some of the goals with this render was to focus more on proper light and shadow, plus a more atmospheric feeling without looking so flat like some of my past works. And...some JJ Abrams lens flare for good measure (if you hate JJ Abrams for his obsession for lens flare, too bad)!

This artwork was part of a mini project to create some step-by-step process collages to show how I render my stuff, but halfway through this piece, I forgot to take proper shots of the WIP, so...that may have to wait until later! I am working on two quick renders of her full body design which may include the collages. Until then, hope you like what you see!

Please do not contact me for free requests. I do accept commissions or art trades but I have to limit the amount of stuff I do for others simply due to time, so if you wish to do something of that sort, you'll have to have A LOT of patience. Thanks for understanding!

Please do not modify, re-upload or remove watermark.
As stated, Tieria Prime is owned by :icontieriaprime:
Artwork is © Paul Kim (

Don't hesitate to see or follow my art here:
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Fem gundam prime? Sign me up
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Man I wanna draw like that
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neato details very transformers:prime feel without going too star screamy

i think transformers:prime shoudl have been called transformers:arcee
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Holy cr ap! An olifactory sensor
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yeah, those are rare amongst Transformes OC's
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Beautiful work 
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She is amazing:D
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You're welcome ^^
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Coming soon! (Soon as in very soon) :D
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geez, dude, she looks amazing ;;u;;
i've gotta ask to a trade with you some time when i have the time ;w;

Keep up the amazing work <333
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Thank you very much! :D
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