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OC Dark Flower - WHYYY???!!!

"Why are you taking so long to complete my final look?!"

Dark Flower is rarely ever angry. If she existed, you'd see her smile with evil intent at all times. She enjoys making others suffer, and being insufferable. She's only angry here because I'm just too busy with life to focus on her as much as she wants XD. Regardless, in this render, you see some major design fixes to maker her look less chunky (from a design perspective, nothing to do with her weight...). Her jester horns were annoying to deal with, so I refined the shaping and made it more "equalized" by giving it more movable parts. They do wiggle when she moves her head around fast enough, so I felt the need to make the look more flexible.

This render took MUCH LONGER than originally planned. I was sick with the stomach flu for almost three weeks, shortly after starting this piece. I'm happy to finally finish it, but needed to move on. I can't wait to start her final design, though I say that with half-excitement and half-anxiety. I like to face challenges to see how far I can get, whether that means drawing something different or trying a new food to overcome my biases.

I honestly could care less about the whole "Transformers" thing, because working on this character alone feels like an exciting journey, and I can't wait to see where I'll get with it! It's possible my larger focus on her design and less on the whole Transformers thing may affect her final look. For one thing, she looks more like something out of Skyrim set in the future rather than a movie about fighting robots...but, that's just yet another challenge I am gleefully undertaking to see what kind of new ground I can break with my own idea of a Transformers robot.

Anyways, enjoy the render and don't hesitate to follow or visit my Facebook artist page for more stuff!

And, some final words: OC Dark Flower is ©Paul Kim ( Please do not upload or remodify any artwork or material or the character itself in any way.

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NICE! Question: Autobot or Decepticon? And, what is her alt-mode?
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Three weeks with the stomach flu? Yeeeyikes, man, that had to be a miserable time! 
Not sure why but as I read the description my mind was reading it with the voices from the guys on Wheeler Dealers and "Fiddly bits" kept echoing around which led to some... rather funny commentary. "Fiddly bits" and "Jiggly parts"
Those elbows look lethal. I saw a gal break the tip of her elbow in a muay thai match once and those elbows would be REALLY lethal with Dark Flower.
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Not only was it miserable, I missed a lot of work days, and I almost starved myself because I just couldn't eat or stand the smell of even really good food, but recovering from it I felt SOOO good, started eating anything I wanted!

Ha, just saw a random clip of that show on youtube, now I can't stop imagining it myself! If I talked like that in front of Dark Flower, she might end up stepping on me.

Yeah, her elbow thorns are a "no fly zone" for her enemies, even to those who are ten times her size.
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You're most welcome ^^
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amazingly well done, lol the first time I saw her she reminded me of that skyrim helmet uwu
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Thank you! I love Skyrim, if only it worked, haven't played it in a year. I just remembered there was actually a jester in Skyrim XD.
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XD  I myself havent played in a long while either x3
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