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Mother of Dragons

By Seawad
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Daenerys Stormborn - Another brilliant stock image which required only slight edits to work into the final image.

I'm currently unhappy with the sky and especially the water from both a quality and a vibrance PoV.

Model -
Shoulder Dragon -…

Apparently this image is being used on Tumblr - please note that I am the original artist of this (unfinished) piece. Whilst I am happy for it to be shared, where possible please include a link back to this page to help boost DA. The original file is fairly sizeable if anyone wants a higher res copy or the original psd file avec layers etc - let me know.
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© 2012 - 2021 Seawad
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thank u for letting me uses ur image :)
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Hey m8 i'd really apreciate a higher resolution of this picture as background for my new Tablet ♥
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Hey there, this doc is currently on an old drive I wont have access to until November. However I'll get it sent across ASAP, I'm also looking to create more ASOIAF artwork - if you have afavourite character let me know and I'll make it my first piece ;)
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Hi! Sorry to bug you, but there's an account on Instagram that's trying to take credit for your art, and the art of many others. The account name is revenge_of_the_kingdoms and they take other people's art, slap their watermark on it and then refuse to give credit to the real artists or remove the falsely watermarked pieces. I figured you would want to know.
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Thanks but I can't find the user. I can only find this comment of yours seemingly spammed on a number of DA entries.
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Apologies, the username is revenge_of_the_kindgdoms, I accidentally misspelled it. And he's, I left comments on multiple profiles/pieces because he stole a large amount of work and I felt it was my duty to inform each of the artists that another person was claiming credit for their work :)
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Ah I see, thanks very much for letting us all know. It's all false praise for people who steal work, thankfully everyone has a different style and when someone steals multiple artists work - it's quite obvious it's not all theirs :)
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Oh yes, I run an art feature account on Instagram and she tried to submit a piece from one of my good friends, but it was very obvious the works weren't hers. Luckily she removed all the stolen pieces after one of the other artists I contacted had his lawyer send her a cease and desist so your art and the rest of the stolen pieces have been deleted
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this is beautiful
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Thank you! Recently added a new version of it :D
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it's beautiful <3
i may make an art inspired by this?
if thats ok...
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Of course, feel free to use it how you wish - I'd love to see your results :)
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The Little dragon may be looks like one of my childs .. :o (Eek) 
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Hi Dimitri, I've just rejoined Deviantart again and found you were right, the shoulder dragon is absolutely yours.  I'm really sorry for omitting that, it has been added to the comments of both this version and the recently revamped copy.  

Many apologies!
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All painted from scratch good sir - Nice stock btw
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Saw the link on fire kissed terror- wow.
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Thank you very much!
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Omg, this picture is BEAUTIFUL, really, i wish i could make something like that, i found it on tumblr, and reblogged it ASAP, please each me haha. Well, congratulations for this amazing edit. <3 And btw, there is a link to your image, the one tumblr, just saying. This is this post [link] :p Voilà !
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Credit has to go to stock image and HBO's adaption of the series thus far - they inspired the piece.

I do this as a hobby and can honestly say that you'll get faster and better with practice practice practice. Picturing what you want and not compromising on what stock imagery you use for it is key. Best of luck with your art!
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Just thought I'd let you know, that this is all over Tumblr without link or credit given. Took me ages with Google's image matcher to find this.
There's probably not a lot that can be done about it, but just thought I'd let you know how amazing everyone thinks this is!
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Heya, many thanks for letting me know. I've been offline for ages so haven't really kept up with any of this =(

I'm glad people are enjoying it - if people are trying to take credit for the piece it'll be a hollow satisfaction for them!
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I think I am awfully in love with this. It's absolutely stunning ;fklsdlfkskflsdkfa
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