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Senior Management Mermaid

Lori Lay took her new fishy form to the airwaves and intertubes, making enough money to buy up controlling interest in the poorly run Transformation Central, turning it into Transform, Inc. New lines of mythical mayhem were just around the corner.

Do you want to bring a computer graphics card to its knees? Try rendering smoked glass and a mermaid tail with reflection, refraction and ray tracing, along with subsurface light scattering under her skin. 
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She looks like she is thinking 'Uh oh, I hope they don't see me like this!'
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I like the realism of this one--all that's happened to her body had an effect, but she's still her, and still functional.  There's more to this one than a lot of your work, which makes it stand out the more.
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Aww that's adorable :) So how does she get to the office every day? =P
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She has a Mer-cedes