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Catching Some Rays

The tide rolled out a while, but Althea didn't mind. The sun was warm on her naked body, salty drops sliding off her full breasts. Perhaps when the tide came in she'd climb to the top of the rock and try to lure a ship or two to their doom, but for now, it was just a lazy summer day.

A quick photomanipulation, for the heck of it.
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Perhaps it was poetic licence that saw the same tide wash away from view the last of the clothes which she had worn when she arrived upon the sands with nothing more in mind than bathing naked in the pure waters for a few snatched moments. The more that she felt herself relax as she lay in the sun, the more she was seized by the strange and unexpected notion of what life would be like were she a mermaid rather than a woman. The fancy seemed to take a strange hold as her mind drifted, becoming unencumbered by the concerns of her normally mundane life, and she imagined the minutiae of life as a siren. So vivid and realistic was the dream, that she mistook to moment that she awoke and found herself transformed into just such a creature of legend for a deep and lucid fantasy that felt as real as her waking moments. Unaware that she was living her own dream, Athena allowed the waves to wash over her and smiled in anticipation of the feeling that would come with swimming beneath the waves as a mermaid.
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Good use of stock and consistent light.  I like her anatomy more than the less-covered more exposed stuff.