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Flicker. Candles of rose petals, the matchstick table;
I was torn between two promises I made to you.
And while I pondered the procession of your voice,
clear and softened by warm light against my skin,
in the doorway stood the shape of our words.
Broad shoulders, anxious energy, at its feet
a rainwater basin to catch its kin from our lips;
and it towered over me,
the shadow stretched out in a burnt flesh nightmare
looming over our fresh spring dawn.
I was torn between two promises I made to you,
and, unsure, I swallowed all the light too,
hoping it would illuminate a path inside.
Instead, I found rusted screws,
snow etched in the grooves.
When I opened my eyes,
ashes were falling from the ceiling,
candles were unlit and whole,
the doorway empty.
I turned to speak to you
but there were no words,
only sparks.
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Ulver Opera Wallpaper by seasonsinthesky Ulver Opera Wallpaper :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 1 0
Breathing Stardust
I don't remember the last time I inhaled
so deeply that I shivered out the dust
collecting on my shelves for years.
And I would be lying if I said
I think I'm worth the work
it takes to learn me.
But, over time, I have become increasingly aware
that the things burdening us until they are complete
are often the things we find most worthwhile.
So the construction of a person,
like the map of a vast city,
takes forever to understand;
yet only when all routes are memorized
and landmarks have rebuilt that city inside,
I admit that's when I start walking its roads at night.
And I must admit as well
that everything I look for on every street
is a reflection of something I know
but was once afraid would be confirmed.
It's okay. I'm not afraid anymore,
I'm just drowning in stars.
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Ulver Shadows of the Sun Wall by seasonsinthesky Ulver Shadows of the Sun Wall :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 0 0 Ulver Blood Inside Wallpaper by seasonsinthesky Ulver Blood Inside Wallpaper :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 0 0 Ulver Svidd Neger Wallpaper by seasonsinthesky Ulver Svidd Neger Wallpaper :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 0 0 Ulver Quick Fix of Melancholy by seasonsinthesky Ulver Quick Fix of Melancholy :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 0 0 Ulver 1st Decade... Wallpaper by seasonsinthesky Ulver 1st Decade... Wallpaper :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 0 0 Ulver Lyckantropen Themes Wall by seasonsinthesky Ulver Lyckantropen Themes Wall :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 0 0 Ulver Teachings in Silence... by seasonsinthesky Ulver Teachings in Silence... :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 0 0 Ulver Metamorphosis Wallpaper by seasonsinthesky Ulver Metamorphosis Wallpaper :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 1 0 Ulver Perdition City wallpaper by seasonsinthesky Ulver Perdition City wallpaper :iconseasonsinthesky:seasonsinthesky 0 0
Mortigi Tempo
i miss when we would
suck the marrow out of life.
now there are no bones.
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misplaced the key to my head today
just slipped out of my hand like dust
or sand in an hourglass
it's just an off day
it's just another way i falter
i'll be fine tomorrow
i promise
sometimes i just wanna get out of here
get in the car and disconnect the brake
hit the gas until the car and eyes run dry
and on the side of the road
pour out the feeling in my stomach
fall asleep alone in the ditch
wake up to clouds pouring down their own grey days
and walk until my soles become the pavement,
my eyes the sky, no doors to lock
and the key never found
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The Artist
i look out the window and guess
he's painting the sky again
but the colours are all wrong:
his brush just shading in monochrome
a husk of an artist trying to provide
the highlights of hopeful days
washed away in hazy greys
and leaving all else pale inside
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It Lasted for Hours
I remember walking
The smooth turns and winding roads
Each shadow on moonlit surfaces
And how deep valleys slid
Between mountains on all sides
The shades of snow across the land
And the temperature of every step
The texture and the weight of promises kept and forgotten
But of the girl...
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