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"Alone, we can do so little."



The town is bustling about as the warmer weather of summer encourages folk to go about their tasks in the fresh open air. The warmth has brought the migrating birds back, as well as the awed humpback whales! Many enjoy going to the docks to watch the massive creatures as they make their way along the coast of Nome, and seeing them rise from the water is a sight enjoyed by many in town.

Some, however, would rather go for a swim themselves or lie in the shade. While the warmth in Alaska isn’t nearly as bad as it can get, the Almost literally endless days tend to wear on some more than others, and there are those who’d rather just sit back and watch the faint stars in the typically bright night and lounge around during the day, though predators have to get at it for prey as competition is common during this season it seems.

The group is officially undergoing a reorganization of journals, information resources, etc! As we work on things here and there, we will be holding an activity check for the group this month. The journal pertaining to this will be posted. New plots/events have been posted as well, so be sure to check those out and turn in submission that can count for your character’s activity! Anyone who has not been active with their character submission-wise in the past three months will be removed from the group, and we will be updating our member master list! New members don’t count though, of course.
So hurry up and think of some fun ways to interact your character, and enjoy yourself!
Also, don’t forget about our board! There are several players looking for some partners in roleplay~
Nitty-Kitty here!
Just a heads up to everybody, the group will be closing to new members on the 26th of May, as we work on things like journals, new plots, etc.! I’d li
Joining our StaffWe are currently
for group staff tryouts
Would you like to join the group’s Staff team? If we’re open for new members to our Administration, we’d love to have you!
It doesn’t require much to be part of the team depending on the job you’re given! However, we put it up to you to choose the task you feel you can accomplish, and you are expected to work with this task. We understand of course if there are things irl that hold you back from full activity, but should you have a prolonged inactivity and a silence in any discussion, you will be moved to Members and set to the rules there as any Member would.
Some of the jobs you can take on are group artist, coder, application checker, comment overseer, or you can simply help with developing the group and join in on the discussion for group events, and helping to oversee members and their activity. If you choose to be a Faction leader, as in you have a major/lead role in one of the group’s facti
Poll: New Application Sheets?Hello everybody!
As work is done to reconstruct some of the group’s journals etc., the decision had been made to try and revamp the character applications!
Here is the idea for a format:
There will be an actual background for each faction, of course, rather than one color. The thought that will also be put forward is to remove separate coydog, coywolf, wolfdog, and feline Applications. Instead, if you have any of these, you will put it on the Stray or the Pet application according to their status.
Now comes the question:
Being that we want to give attention the community’s thoughts as well, to make the group more enjoyable for all, we want to hear your opinions!
Do you think we should keep the current applications? Keep the stated factions to their separate application? Is there a suggestion you have pertaining to the format of the proposed new application linked above?
Please feel free to Comment below or Note the group your thoughts!

:snowflake: THE PLOTS :snowflake:
:snowflake: MEMBER/CHARACTER LOG :snowflake:
Dog Sled Teams
:snowflake: TOMBSTONE COWBOYS :snowflake:
:snowflake: KINGUYAKKII :snowflake:
:snowflake: NORTH WIND :snowflake:
:snowflake: BARKOLI DOG GANG :snowflake:
:snowflake: SPANIELANO DOG GANG :snowflake:
:snowflake: THE TAKODA WOLF PACK :snowflake:
:snowflake: THE AOK WOLF PACK:snowflake:


:snowflake: WOLF DOGS :snowflake:
(not born in-game)

3 / 5 OPEN
:snowflake: COYDOGS / COYWOLVES :snowflake:
(not born in-game)

5 / 5 CLOSED
:snowflake: TOMBSTONE COWBOYS :snowflake:

5 / 7 OPEN
:snowflake: KINGUYAKKII SLED TEAM :snowflake:
5 / 7 OPEN
:snowflake: THE NORTH WIND SLED TEAM :snowflake:
4 / 7 OPEN
:snowflake: COYOTES :snowflake:
2 / 5 OPEN


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"Together, we can do so much."

It’s the early 1900’s. The place is Nome, Alaska.

Nome is thriving and its streets are abuzz from all those who had moved north with the Gold Rush. The main entertainment of the town, however, isn't so much the Gold Rush alone as it is Dog sledding. Sled Dogs are held in high esteem with the beginning of organized dogsled racing, races proving a dog's worth and giving their owner bragging rights.

With the influx of humans due to the gold rush, the amount of dogs (both pets and strays) has risen as well. These dogs are used for everything; from companionship to herding, working, pulling, tracking and hunting. Without mans best friend, work in Nome just couldn't get done.

While the town is a Human and Dog's world, the world outside Nome's borders is not a safe place for those not wild at heart. With Alaska's wilderness right at the doorstep, how easy can life really be on the frontier?



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