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"Alone, we can do so little."



As the cold begins to take it's grip on the tundras, leaves are beginning to shift to the deep, rich colors of yellows, oranges, and reds. Wild berries are replacing the flowers and add vibrant blues and purples to nature's pre-slumber rainbow.
Wildlife and humans alike are hurrying to prepare for what is predicted to be a long, grueling winter.

Hi! caandles here!
Thanks so much for your suggestions so far! You've all given us some amazing and creative ideas to help bring the group back to life! The admin team is currently going over your ideas and we will be bringing you some new things soon, so be on the lookout for those. Feel free to keep sending us suggestions as well. We really appreciate them! :D
Thank you for staying with us this far and we look forward to keeping the ball rolling from this point out! You guys are really great!
Hey guys! Nitty-Kitty here!
I’d like to apologize (and I think I say this for all the staff) for the lack of activity opportunities in the group! I think it’s been pretty busy for everybody these last months :,D A new November prompt will be announced, and I’m going to try to get the journals organized for everybody. 
But I’d like to ask member and watchers, do you think it would be cool to have a earnings system, and you can get points for d

:snowflake: WOLF DOGS :snowflake:
(not born in-game)

3 / 5 OPEN
:snowflake: COYDOGS / COYWOLVES :snowflake:
(not born in-game)

5 / 5 CLOSED
:snowflake: TOMBSTONE COWBOYS :snowflake:

5 / 7 OPEN
:snowflake: KINGUYAKKII SLED TEAM :snowflake:
5 / 7 OPEN
:snowflake: THE NORTH WIND SLED TEAM :snowflake:
4 / 7 OPEN
:snowflake: COYOTES :snowflake:
2 / 5 OPEN


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"Together, we can do so much."

It’s the early 1900’s. The place is Nome, Alaska.

Nome is thriving and its streets are abuzz from all those who had moved north with the Gold Rush. The main entertainment of the town, however, isn't so much the Gold Rush alone as it is Dog sledding. Sled Dogs are held in high esteem with the beginning of organized dogsled racing, races proving a dog's worth and giving their owner bragging rights.

With the influx of humans due to the gold rush, the amount of dogs (both pets and strays) has risen as well. These dogs are used for everything; from companionship to herding, working, pulling, tracking and hunting. Without mans best friend, work in Nome just couldn't get done.

While the town is a Human and Dog's world, the world outside Nome's borders is not a safe place for those not wild at heart. With Alaska's wilderness right at the doorstep, how easy can life really be on the frontier?



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