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United We Stand
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Published: September 6, 2018
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I am the most unreliable person when it comes to art trades, I am so sorry it took so long to get my half done :')

Trade with AirSaber! I went with both Alou and Reaper because I find their duo rly interesting, and I was really inspired to draw these two together. The pic turned out compeltely different from my original idea but I actually like this version more. Also Reaper is so fun to draw :) Hope I got all details on both characters correct, and hope you like it :heart: Thanks so much for being incredibly patient with me

I think I am officially closing art trades forever except for VERY very special occasions because even I don't trust myself to get my half done in time.

Characters © AirSaber
Art © Me
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beastiiiStudent General Artist
Absolutely amazing! I am so amazed at your line art skills! 
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Dragoneye96Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Divided we fall
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Cyansky95Hobbyist General Artist
This feels really cinematic, and I like how you drew the snarls/teeth!
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- Shrimp didn't send her half of the trade! *ROAR*
- Let's go and get it ourselves! *ROAR TOO*

*spoiler* Shrimp is trying to fly away, hidden under one of the ravens
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Draco56 Writer
Oh c'est de toute beauwté!
J'adore l'ambiance couché/levé de soleil. Et le niveau de détail. w@
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"United we stand, divided we trip over our own feet and fall on our faces!"
 Nice use with the birds, by the way.  I really gives a sense of scale.
Razor-of-Occam's avatar
That thing in the background looks like SCP-682
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So... You wanna do an art trade? It'll work out great, since neither of us will ever do our half! :XD:
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CoastHarbourHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
no wonder you find reaper fun to draw when you've spent the last 2 years basically just drawing skeletons :)
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whoooo! This is epic <3
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DorkWolf-NightmareHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow this looks so epic and so beautiful :heart:
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this is so freaking AMAZING!!!!!! WOW!!!!
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FaIIenShadowsHobbyist General Artist
Ooo I love those dramatic colours! :la:
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DELUSAIRHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks so cinematic. The dramatized red lighting and angle takes me back to the heavy scenes in older Disney films like The Lion King and Brother Bear (okay not that old but pfff). I really like the feeling of motion in the background with the panicking/startled birds--and then you realize they're not in the background and that he looks even more gigantic, I'm outta here before I get eaten~.
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I absoultely love the fur details for Reaper! Reaper is a cool character! I love the bones and mouth and how you did the teeth! :>
Alou is always cool! Another lovely design as Airsaber's characters tend to be awesome. I love them being together going all Raaawwwwrrr!! 
They are a great and awesome team that looks like they could take on the world! ^^
I love the birds in the background. Looks like the could be ravens or crows.
I really like the shadowy thorny vines to the right of the characters! They look really cool and go well with the picture.
The shading is tremendously amazing and I love the darkness and shadows of this picture! The landscape looks really amazing too!
I'm always certain the wait, no matter how long (a year in my case) is always worth it for your art....every single time. c:
You did an awesome job on this! You always are improving so fast! :heart:

Does this mean you may open commissions soon?
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CessyhlHobbyist General Artist
whoooooooooa that's incredible; very powerful
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WindWing101Hobbyist General Artist
ugh so beautiful!
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DuskaDoesArtHobbyist Writer
Lovely work
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GoldenheartForever55Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing as always, I love how you did the light and the shadow Panda Emoji-11 (Clap) [V1] 
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VAZ0RHobbyist Digital Artist
I TOO, WANT TO get the new spyro game just as much as these guys :)
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TDLBallisticHobbyist Digital Artist
HIM BIG. Oooh I love the big bone-boy's design A LOT. 
This image came out amazingly. How do you do that?
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equinoxiiHobbyist Digital Artist
oml this is so pretty ;;
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KhaoticVexStudent Digital Artist
wow!! this is such a powerful picture, and just looking at it you can almost feel the movement :o

The blur of the birds and the red theme and thorns in the background just- aaa!! Great as always 
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