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What a nice glow!

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Great picture, great music!

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Wow this is beautiful I love the blue glow!
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That looks awesome! lovin it

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This piece is stunning, it really speaks :'0 hope you're doing well dear, and if not, hope that you feel better <3 ;v;

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This is so beautiful omg! :') ♥

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Absolutely gorgeous detail on the scales as always, and the light coming from his belly is so subtle it's almost missed at first, but it really adds a great, subtle ambiance <3

I'm guessing this is a bit of a sad/empty/vent piece, hopefully things will pick up for you again real soon, and hopefully drawing this helped ya feel better <3

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Thank you <3 Yes this was oddly soothing to work on, helped a lot.

stale-butterscotch's avatar

okay but those scales must have taken forever. amazing job

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Skye is... Glowing?

(Beautiful art btw)

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This is so gorgeous The faint blue glow amongst the dark background is just so, damn pretty. Great job mate, keep up the great work! :3

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The glow of his horns and belly look amazing! Your art looks more and more magical!

I love all of his shiny scales too! :>

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that glow and those sparkly scales are gorgeously done!

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T'as encore mangé des lucioles toi. Avoue. è_é

Encore un magnifique dessin avec un niveau de détails sur la peau. <3

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looks comfortable

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oh, to be a dragon with a glowing stomach lying in a field..

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I think, the scene is underwater.

SolarRoseArt's avatar

uhhh I'm pretty sure he's lying in the grass lol

MichaelaClarame's avatar

Yeah, now I see it. My first impression was "water", because it is blue. :-/

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Great drawing here.

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This is beautiful. Surreal, serene and haunting all at once, especially paired with the music you linked.

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