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Requests - Permanently Closed

Trades: For friends/Mutuals only - Closed

Commissions - Closed


:bulletwhite:- planned :bulletblue:- in progress :bulletgreen:- done

Owed art:

:bulletgreen:Yorialu - Full scene 2 characters, cell shading

:bulletgreen:Herobula - Bust, cell shading

:bulletgreen: savrin330 - Ref sheet

:bulletgreen:@Sparrowii Parker trot anim sketch

:bulletgreen:Herobula Sketch

:bulletblue: Hollysaurus

:bulletblue:Rosa (discord) - 3 headshots


Wait list :

zagiir - Complex scene 2 characters ( saved for June 2021)

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Tu et de France ?

You are such an inspiration for drawing! And the way you animate wow <3

Man I get such a fucking bittersweet feeling looking at "top" spyro artists like you. I used to be crazy about the franchise as a kid back in 2011. Daydream away with all the amvs and sense of wonder, but I never really got into art because i never really got any attention and sorta gave up. And now trying to be nostalgic by looking at stuff I loved is just a punch in the gut because "look at what I never became".

Do you think it's too late for anyone to start if they didn't grow up becoming popular in the fandom?

Please do not call me a Spyro artist, my dragons or present style have nothing to do with Spyro, I just happen to draw fanart of that purple dude once in a while and that's it. My characters have their own world which is in no way related.

It's never too late however, the fandom is very much active again thanks to Reignited. There is no such thing as being too late to join a fandom.

Shit that was quick, and sorry I was originally introduced to skye and the rest in those spyro fan dragon amvs a decade ago and either then or due to blurry memory the misconception happened. But thank you, and sorry for the out of nowhere rant. I was going through a bunch of nostalgic stuff and just got hit with that feeling (esp since someone I tried to befriend as a kid but rejected me has apparently since almost become the face of the fandom, wich is, ouch). But hearing this from someone who seems so successful and the mention of reignited does make me feel a tad more hopeful.

Do established artists like you still get that feeling of unoptainability from some other artists?

I happened to be browsing dA and saw the alert haha, I didn't read it as a rant, more like nostalgia talk. And sorry to hear, it's awful the heart-racing feeling you get when you keep seeing someone who's hurt you in the past being so active in a fandom.

Ah I'm not sure I understand the question, do you mean if I sometimes feel like I'll never reach some other artists' level?

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