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Nearly done with Yashira album art which has taken quite a while, also working on Wvrm Fest 5 art still which is about to be finished, very excited to reveal once it's done. Also I have some other personal work underway and recently completed a new logo/emblem and am aiming to revamp my website which is overdue.

Other than that I'm trying to have more merchandise and prints available for sale on BigCartel as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates and you can follow my work at any of the pages below
Been busier than ever so far this year and since my last update. I've completed a variety of projects in that time and currently am working on art for my band Yashira's debut full-length "Shrine" due out later this year as well as Wvrm Fest 5 art and a few other commissions. I will be working on getting new merchandise printed soon while planning to update my website and logo which is really overdue.

Thank you for all the support, more updates soon!
Website is up and running as of last week. Revisions and additions to be added in the near future:

Currently working on Yashira artwork for our upcoming full length being recorded over the next two months. Wvrm Fest 4 is almost finished and lineup to be announced shortly. Other than that, just finishing prints and getting in gear to paint for the Fall semester. 

For updates follow the website and my other pages
Got back from my Chicago trip July 3rd, it was a blast of a time I'll never forget.

Right now I'm back in school, which means more prints! I'll be doing 3/4 different screenprints before December, really stoked on it. The three I plan to do at least are of my Harbinger, Paragon, and Delirium in multi colors.

There have been a lot of projects I've finished since getting back, including Wvrm Fest III, Rock Your Brain Fest, a Wvrm shirt design, new book cover, etc./ though right now I'm in a band again so I may not take on as many commissions as usual.

I will finally have 20 Ravenous (gold on tweed) shirts ordered in a day or two and will be selling for $15. Once I have them, I should have my BigCartel up and going.

New updates in the coming months!
Working on 3 images for Hollow Leg's new album 'Crown', an album cover for Mistuh Oakley album coming out later this summer, Wvrm Fest 3 art started up, and a few more commissions on the horizon. 

I'm finally going back to Chicago for the first time since 2012, so I'm really excited to be going for much longer this time (3 weeks)

I have gotten a BigCartel set up now, I should have merch available to purchase once I return and can ship.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the summer
Been awhile since my last update, I've had quite a few projects finished and started between then and now. Most primarily being fliers and a logo for Southern Druid Booking, first 'Cognizant' shirts printed, Wvrm Fest 2 art, a few band logos and shirt commissions, among a few other personal projects/drawings. I also completed an in-depth interview with Thy Demons Be Scribblin, which can be viewed here:…

I've started up Screenprint and Oil Painting classes and starting my first big (24in x 30in) painting in a long time for an album cover. Many more Southern Druid fliers and other personal projects with a ton to finish. I'm doing a commission for Orange Park Aquatics and potentially help create an illustration for a rum company in Belize. 

I will be getting new 'Ravenous' shirts printed in a couple weeks, and a web store will be done in the next couple months. Once it's made I'll post a few prints and shirts and adding more things from there.

More in store soon!
I've been caught up with a lot of projects lately, thought I'd just kinda list them out as well as future plans. I just finished up a few charcoal drawings for figure drawing and completed work on my first 4ftx4ft woodcut prints last Friday. The block took at least close to 80-100 hours of symmetrical alignment and many sore thumbs and hours of cutting, but it was very gratifying seeing the end result. I'm currently finishing a book cover illustration of the fabled creature, Krampus, for a World Weaver Press release on paper back and online. Also beginning a couple designs for Red Enemy and a logo for Modern Art. 

Intend to have the first original Searing Limb shirts by the end of November, might do around 50 for first edition. Wvrm Fest II has shirts and fliers printed now as well, so overall I'm pretty excited with how much I've done and have left to do. I'll post an new update once I finish these projects with more news and images.
Just finished up a few new works these past two months, including two shirt designs for my friends' bands. View in my gallery or in the links below. I've begun new Wvrm Fest 2014 designs, getting excited to show them as soon as possible. Doing more new illustrations and flyers, along with a new logo or two as well. 



The Winter…

Mean Streak…
Working on multiple projects more and more, probably 6 now. I'll post them when thy're done, while my first prints should be done next Tuesday.

More page links:

Band / Blog Links:

Just started up on DA, but I will be uploading more work progressively and entering blog updates more often soon. Email me at if you need any specific design work made. Pricing and time should be very fair, while I begin and try to build clientele.