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Legendary Battle

(NOTE) Legendary Battle v2.0 has been uploaded & replacing the older version.

Watch out Gipsy Danger, The King of the Monsters is hungry for your nuclear turbine!

A crossover honoring 2 Legendary Picture films: Pacific Rim (July 2013) & the very anticipated GODZILLA (May 2014)

Pacific Rim & Gipsy Danger © Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures
Godzilla © Toho co., ltd.

Artwork by Sean Sumagaysay (me)
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© 2013 - 2021 SeanSumagaysay
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An amazing work of art indeed !!

Godzilla, one of THE most famous Kaijus and Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger that never says *die* in a David vs Goliath battle !!

Points of interest include Godzilla's fearless and terrifying look/face, his glowing back spikes indicating his approaching atomic breath and Danger's defiant determination. On the other hand Cherno Alpha isn't entirely necessary but since it doesn't steal Danger's thunder its presence simply demonstrates the approaching reinforcements.

As a last note, good work on the splashing water effect.

Overall its a eye-catching crossover work of art with its appropriate intensity and Kaijus vs Jaegers epicness. Congratulations !!
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Thank you so much! :) I really appreciate it!
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Category 6 inbound!
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10/10 Art!
I love both of them and a fight like this is a dream to me!

Who's the other Jaegerin the background?
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really wish pacific rim was part of the monsterverse!
Ragnaret's avatar
A combination of Pacific Rim and Godzilla..
I'm in love with that concept!
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This must happen in the big screen! AWESOME WORK,M8
Bysthedragon's avatar
Godzilla:"DINNER TIME!"
TrueCanad1an's avatar
Touma2's avatar
No matter what you can't beat the king of monsters 😏
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Honestly... Imma have to sketch what I'm saying, but although this is an AMAZING piece, this wouldn't happen. I vision a category 5 just about to make landfall, gypsy or another Jaeger is ready to fight, when a black form emerges in front of the pier from the harbour, and the all too famous roar bellows for miles. So yeah I think of Godzilla as our own Earth kaiju, and it helps Jaegers defeat stronger kaiju.
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Gipsy Danger meet Stranger Danger! LOLPikachu-lol 
ryulover19's avatar

*grabs popcorn* This is gonna be good.
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That would be the most amazing thing seen there! :happybounce: 
Two giants of the most amazing movies in my opinionLa la la la  I would monkey!
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Best collision ever!
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Why not update this one more time since we all know what Godzilla looks like with the gills and all?
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I will update this soon once it's closer to release ;)
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i've seen enough godzilla movies 
to know how this ends
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This is the end of Gypsy Danger
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Godzilla has this in the bag. If Godzilla is hurt, "Regenerator G1" will repair any damage done to him. Plus Godzilla feeds off nuclear energy and Gypsy Danger is powered by a Nuclear Reactor so its like saying "EAT ME". And another Thing, Godzilla has taken down enemy's that have threatened to destroy the world many times. He can survive the absolute Zero cannon, missiles, bombs, bullets, electricity, mines, fire, lasers, being stomped, etc. Godzilla cannot be stopped
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