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I've decided to knock $25 off my price for my Marvel Universe 2011 Artist Proofs, but only for the next two weeks.

So, until March 4th, you can get one of six remaining cards for $75. Supplies are limited, so don't wait.

MU-AP Dark Phoenix by SeanRM - Finished AP card.

Note me if interested.

Okay, we all know that I am incredibly impatient, so this should come as no surprise that I intended to post this up on Friday, yet here it is...

I have a list of expenses that is starting to grow to a startling size, this includes art supplies I need to replace before I start on a new gig at the end of the month. So in order to bring in some cash flow while still giving me time to work on these last few projects I owe - I am opening up 10 slots for $10 lineart commissions.

For $10 (Paypal only) you get full figure black and white drawing of any single character you'd like.
- No backgrounds.
- Digital only.
- Only one character per drawing, but you can order as many drawings as you like.
- Slots are open until I receive payment, no claiming a spot ahead of time.
- Any characters are eligible, but you must supply reference for the character, unless you are requesting one of mine.

Note me if you are interested!

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