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So season 3 is about to start, and I find myself in need of ideas... Now, since the embargo on fanart is in full effect, I need you guys to help stimulate my noggin!

What I need from all of you that are willing to help me out is two words. Thats it, just two words.

"Penguin, Warlord"

"Electric, Diva"

Something like that. I want you to give me two words, and I will draw whatever comes to mind from those keywords.

You each get two words, I will do as many of these as I can for the first week or so (depending on how many I get) and if this goes well, I might do another round in the future.

Now, keep in mind you are offering keywords, and only that. Anything in your comments besides the keywords will be read, but not factored into the resulting image. I may very well draw something you never thought of based on your words... (But MAMA!!!!...) That's where the fun is.

If I use your keywords, you will be credited in the artist comments of the resulting pictures.

These will start going live next Monday, so the sooner you offer your keywords for me to use, the better!


Kiriban coming up at 100,000 views - snag the screengrab get a free color pinup of any character you want! (No background.)

To-Do List
01. :iconcelamowari: :bulletred:
02. :iconcelamowari: :bulletred:
03. :icontherealtoteman: :bulletred:
04. :iconthe-real-carcass: :bulletred:
05. :iconthe-real-carcass: :bulletblack:

Status Key
:bulletblack: - Not Started
:bulletred: - In Progress
:bulletgreen: - Done

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