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When Titans Drink...

By SeanRM
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A while back I got paid to do this pic on a stream, and it was glorious. Then I got paid to color it, and it was a slower process than I care to admit, but it got done, and it is pretty damn awesome! (If you will forgive my back patting, but I really do love how this turned out.)

There is a follow up pic, that some of you may remember seeing the lines for, but I will leave that for another night (when I get the colors for it done…)

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Love it!! Is there a Prime and Leader-1 in the works?

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Cykill aint exactly a Wimp when it comes to the Bad Ass Dept.. .and I can hear Death's Head thinking.. First One that Passes out.. I am claiming the Bounty on ...Yes?

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I hope that Cy-Kill knows that in every alternate universe, Megatron kills him. Otherwise this might get ugly.
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This pic reminds of how I used to play with these as a kid.

To this day....
I've never understood where that social "You're with us or you're against us" division between these 2 toylines came from.
I never knew anybody who was exclusively in either the "TF camp" or the "GB camp". 
At least, that's how it was with me and my small little circle of buddies.
We all had various GoBots and Transformers toys, and played with them interchangeably.
Some of my friends even put Autobot/Deception stickers on GoBots sometimes.

We all liked them BOTH.

Yes, it was fun to have pit the 2 lines/characters against each other, and we certainly did that,
but we also threw all of that stuff out the window too when we played.
As we made up increasingly ridiculous D&D-esque adventures as we went along,
(until we were called in for dinner or something)
we never got into any serious talk about which was better.
We often discussed about how they were different, but not really which was better.

Ah, fun times.

Cool pic here. 
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Cy-Kill: I'll have you know that Gobots came before Transformers.

Megatron: Yes. You also SUCKED before Transformers.

Thanos: ...burn.
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Ok, so Megatron and Cy-Kill obviously, then there's Thanos, a Predator(!) and Death's Head back there, and is that Robot Chicken's Humping Robot and The Guyver? I don't know who the red visor guy is.
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You are right on for most of them; the cylindrical robot DH is about to beat savagely is actually the barkeep from DH's first appearance in Transformers back in TFUK #113 (… ), and red visor is just a generic baddie I like to put in the back of scenes for filler.
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now we need one where ''valiant warriors'' drink. optimus prime, leader-1, he-man, batman, robin, superman, duke from gi joe, talking at another bar telling how their greatest battles went. 
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He has one job, and he does it well!
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Cy-Kill is having none of it!
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I'd feel sad but I'm not a Go-Bot fan. ^^;

Excellent job.
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Now that's a Heavy Metal Bad-Guy Bar.....
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