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Don't know if this joke has been made before or not, but I had to do it after if popped into my head.

Edit - I've been told that some folks aren't getting the joke, and I guess I can't be too surprised. It's a reference to this clip (NSFW) from the film Clerks - [link] as well as the fact that Prime's altmode is a truck. (Leave it to me to do a reference and a pun at the same time.)
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Nice work;) (Wink) Ya know back during that 1986 movie Optimus should've been thinking about ELITA ONE instead of being ready to sacrifice himselfNo, I disagree!  
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Ibid u want romance or something then give elita-1 to someone else then optimus prime Arcee is better no offense to u fans it's true arcee's taller and been around longer in the franchise
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Actually, Elita 1 and the other Autbot gals predate Arcee by almost a year (War Dawn aired in 1985, while the film came out in 1986) - and there is a canon relationship between Prime and Elita 1.
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Hardly remember elita-1 never appears after the war dawn and search for alpha trion  and what was the relationship about the ending scene is much like star wars
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how romantic, lmao
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Teehee. i get it. :) i love clerks haha and Optimus! <3
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.... Like a Truck~~~
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would you like to making fuck? BERSERKER!!!!!
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If it's been made before, I never heard it. This is great.
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Cute! Love the way you drew Elita1.
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Did he just say...making fuck?
Awesome reference, man. :D

Now I really, REALLY want to hear Peter Cullen say this. owo
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:iconeeeeeplz: They are so cute together. Most favorite pairing ever! :iconveryexcitedplz:
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I never see much of OPxE1 much on here. But I love this! I think I get the joke. Oh, I wish there was more about the two. They are so CUTE together!
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Oh my goodness, I know that reference!! This has totally made my day :'D

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I wouldn't call that a joke. It's more just a statement.

But it's a nice piece. It looks like a screen cap and I mean that in a good way. :D
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Thanks, as for the joke, I edited the description above to explain the gag.
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LOL that's a funny clip.
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Awwww ^_^ I don't get the joke but love the picture. ^_^
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