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Heads Up 93 - The Crystal

Public Domain Hero Week II - Five heroes and villains from the public domain re-imagined.


Christopher James is a cruel businessman, but still beloved by his friends and family. Little do they suspect that he is also the criminal overlord known as the Crystal.

The Crystal (created by Ken Battefield) first appeared in 1941's Whiz Comics #15

Not much of a change here from the original concept. I wanted a very trim cape and suit look, and I thought the gemstone instead of tie was a nice touch. I like the idea of a shimmering mask that cuts through darkness while the rest of his suit blend into the shadows. The one thing I knew from the get go was that I wanted to change the mask from a shiney bucket to something like Cobra Commander's battle helmet.
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A splendidly shiny villain!

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Very cool.  I like the minimal look of his suit and how that sets off the opalescent mask/head.  I get the feeling he and Ruby Tuesday would get on well.
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This dude is a new one on me, despite coming from Fawcett - I had never even heard of the "Companions Three" before this!

The original looks sort of like the original Red Hood, despite pre-dating him.  I am enjoying this revamp, which is sort of ethereal.
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Awesome redesign. =)