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HU 79 - Phantom Wiener


Another pic based on you guys' suggested keywords. The keywords for this one were; phantom wiener - suggested by :iconcelamowari:
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I'm rather glad you went the edible route on that keyword pair, the other possibility puts me in mind of one of the more ridiculous issues of Tarot . . .  

Also, the meaty goo around the sides of the mask is such a great little detail.  It brings me joy.
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Gasphaunted meat products. no barbQ will be safe.
celamowari's avatar
I am responsible for this, and it feels...good. :iconhotdogplz:
ShiftyMcGearJam's avatar
You sure that's a phantom wiener...? I think my wiener may disagree!!
SeanRM's avatar
Does it not believe in ghosts?
ShiftyMcGearJam's avatar
no, it IS The Phantom Wiener! Not this imposter with a mask!
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Ah, I see the wiener beef here; this is a phantom wiener - not the Phantom Wiener. That is a sausage of another color.
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I laughed at this more than I normally would at demonic food. What's next? Bearcano?
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I don't think that was suggested as a keyword pair, but I could see drawing that otherwise.
Darkgon01's avatar
A bear volcano? No no no, just wait, there'll be better suggestions.
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