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Gift - Manor of Madness Collected Edition

This poor thing has seen better days...

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This cover is in gross violation of the Comic Code Authority. I'm calling Dr. Wertham on you! That'll teach ya to go around, seducing innocents!

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I think you did a great job on the weathered look--especially the detail of having the cover torn away to reveal a comic page underneath!  I'm also amazed at how you took the tree-monster and made him both plausible and pretty dang scary.
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So many of my comic books look so much like that, and it's not even entirely my fault! :)  Very cool!
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I like the old school look, but maybe more of a cup stain like effect with that crescent mark (that can be a bit more translucent)?  It may be a bit distracting how it is, perhaps it's the sharp contrast and edges of that mark.  The corner creases and wear turned out great!  Your work definitely works well with the older comic wear look. :aww: Keep it coming Sean!
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Thanks! Yeah, I realized afterwards I should have had some droplets or spill stains to go with the cup ring, or something along those lines. I am amazed at how hard it was to find good reference for the look I wanted. Still, I am quite pleased with this for a first time attempting the look.
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I've actually found some good photoshop brushes (free usage both personal and commercial) here through deviantart, just search.  Although, I haven't gotten the opportunity to try any yet..^^;  Check out ~brushchick  Unfortunately some of hers aren't available anymore...for some reason.
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