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Gift - Manor of Madness

A late birthday gift for my friend :iconcelamowari: featuring his incredibly fun to draw (I can say that about alot of his characters) monster Tregaa.

I love the old EC horror comics, and I love doing faux-covers... This seemed like a great chance to have a fun with both! (Though I must admit, the scantily clad gal is more evocative of a pulp novella than an EC comic.)

I am pretty pleased with the Manor of Madness and Care-taker, and will likely use them again sometime.

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I bet his bark is worse than his bite!
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Ha ha... Great stuff... And a great message about minding what our mothers told us about associating with strange trees. :D
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It really turned out wonderfully!  I remembered how much you dug working on him when we did the ACEO, so I thought a full piece would be fantastic.  And it is!
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It was a blast, and as soon as you requested a Tregaa pic I immediately thought of this pic. Glad you like it.