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Resume page 1

By SeanMcNally
The most awesome resume of all time. PART ONE
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and there i thought mine was clever
What a cool design! Nicely done!
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hi, can you send editable template to please
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Awesome, I had the exact same idea a few weeks ago and looks like you beat me to it. Great to see it in the flesh instead of in my mind!
Hey, any chance to grab a copy of the template as well?
Hello kind sir.  Would it be possible to get a copy of your template please?
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hi, Please send me this absolutely adorable resume template at

I will look forward to it
This resume is absolutely beautiful, is there any way you could send me the template?
dnd styln on a resume nice!!!
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Awsome indeed.
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So, I looked up creatuve resumes for my portfolio class and I do really like yours.. though it's hard to read as a resume and seems directed at a very specific audience.
very awesome resume. mind sending me an editable template?
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It's really cool, but I have to add it's lacking clarity as well.
Half of the resumé (such as STR/INT etc., and the Pacer part, the games you like on the 2nd page) is redundant info, and though I understand this kind of resumé suits a game designer job opening perfectly, you can barely see the forest for the trees.

IMHO, it'd be better to leave some of the redundant 'game character' parts out of this, and re-position the rest so there is some space in between the separate parts/stats. It'll be easier to read, and hence not test the employer's patience.
Furthermore I'd recommend you to choose a different font than Times New Roman since this is heavily outdated and looks dull.

Also, unless certification in hospitality is a specific name for something a bit different than the name implies, I'm not sure you should put that in your resumé. For one, it's irrelevant to game design, and secondly, it almost seems like it implies you had a lack of hospitality at the time (which isn't a very positive aspect).

I do commend you for the creative approach!
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You sir are awesome =P I would love to use something like this as my Print version of my resume (portfolio is website)
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How awesome is this!
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OMG This is the BEST RESUME EVER! I really hope you get a job!!
Can I have PLEASE this template, here is my e-mail:
I hope you got a job, fantastic.
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This is so full of awesome that is has made it's own level of awesome! I wish I could hand one of these in as a resume to employers - it would really get their attention! Great job!
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You, sir, are my hero. I have half a mind to rip off your idea and hand it in at interviews myself!
Can I please have an editable version of your template?

Thank you
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