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Noise: Grimp

Grouchy Chimp.... HE NEEDS BANANAS! OMGH!

logo thing in the bottom (c) Square Enix...
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That's the best kind!
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its hiding in neku's closet!:o (Eek) 
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Dope illo of a scary-ass monkey, Sean. And what a fitting way to finish off my journey through your Featured Gallery! Wooo! :dance:

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Thanks for taking the time Mic! Above and beyond slogging through all that stuff.

That's an award winning monkey right there! It's really one of my first forays into digital coloring, and it certainly shows!

Got lots of hate on this one for referencing family guy oddly enough. Who knew a simple gesture could invoke such ire?
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Ha! It's the Internetz. EVERYTHING invokes ire. I digs your monkeys and the haters can choke on bananas, as far as I'm concerned! Euphemism! On the latter part!

lol Less slogging and much more like hop-skipping through with imaginary lolli in hand. ;) It's a real treat to look through your art while bearing witness to your personal progress and getting to know a TLIID bro better through his creations. Onwards to the next folder!

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that rocks. i wonder why they never put that in the game... a game without monkeys?!
Very cool evil monkey!!! :thumb83636790:
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oh damn?
it wasnt good enough~

but i like the color.
Hahaha...immature humor...I love it. :eatshit:
You take this stuff really seriously Krash.
As for me, I really couldn't care less.
By the way, I really like the emoticons on here.
:spotlight-right: :spotlight-right: :spotlight-left: :spotlight-left:
:katana: :jarksaber:
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Controversy! Monkeys! What more could you want! To clarify. I decided to make a noise chimp, because I thought it would be cool. I made him point because I thought it would be funny. An afterthought, that's it.

I personally find the idea that somehow this constitutes plagiarism laughable.

I don't think it really looks anything like the FG monkey in the end. Unless Seth MacFarlane decided to give it tribal tattoo arms in an episode I missed.

That said I appreciate the comments, nice to see debate alive and well on DA. But in the end

"if it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey
Even if it has a monkey kind of shape
If it doesn't have a tail, it's not a monkey, it's an ape"
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Geez, it won and there ant nofin ya'll can do about it. Just end it.
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Wow! The chimp goes NUTS over BANANAS! Another great entry!
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Look I dont wanna make waves, but dude the artist totally admitted to stealing someones concept art! Lol, not nice man- you couldnt take the puressure huh? Bucked and copied Family Guy?
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THANK YOU! I mentioned this earlier (as well as the similarity it has to Gorillaz art) and so far no one can take that as criticism or a fact.

Sadly, no one has found your post because they're all too busy arguing my earlier ones...
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lol, they would.
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There really is no shortage of idiots on the web... With your pathetic excuse for logic, I could just as easily say that any time a super hero wears a cape, he or she is "copying" any given cape-donning super hero previously drawn.
The only reference to Family Guy is the pose. Change your tampon and get over it.
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please calm your testosterone, little boy. And relise that it is only simple observance and a comment. I mean to offense to the artist at hand. They did a nice job on the piece, I was only stating that the said piece was similar or reminded me of something that I had seen before. Nothing is original anymore your right I agree with you there. But please do not slander anyone for their observations, it is childish and mean. :D Thanks for the comment, and have happier days on deviantart! Relax, it's suppose to be fun!
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Hell, hardly even the pose. I've never seen the FG monkey make that pose. All it is, is the POINTING of a finger.
Don't believe me? Image Google "Family Guy Evil Monkey" and you'll see plenty of images of the monkey in his trademark pose.
It's unfortunate that your artwork and my own suck Nadasulaki, but at least I don't go around taking my jealousy and frustration out on another's piece, just because he's getting recognition for something that plainly deserves it.
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congratulations with being in the finals
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What makes this monkey any different from a Gorilaz art rip off?

It's sketchy, rough, looks incomplete, and (as per my first impression) unoriginal. The winners for this contest are so far disappointing.
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So what you're saying is that every sketchy, rough, and "incomplete" pieces of art is a Gorillaz rip off?
If you're going to critique something, you might want to utilize that itty bitty brain of yours, instead of spewing out undeserved hatred.
Seriously man, calm down.
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