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I forgot i have a art gallery

say hi and comment funny somewhere plez

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Insanity documentary when :}


-playable game on site...n/a

-art get ideas n show off

-communicate pride and problems

(above non existant )

I draw all kinds of things I don't post here

peddling license look it up frens

comic-game-get your note pad-n/a

Life Inventory

Back up

E com

res ref

board game


computer fix n back up







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I forgot i have a art gallery
Wish Home vs home simulation 2 house in blender with belongings belongings missing and replenishable greyed out wishlist things remind me what there is to look forward to and remember what I once had. Things Shelves board game crafting space Air conditioner for temp and air polution cameras. paints canvas, Mail boxes stamps Pet space, food variety options, stimuli video editor device, data storage device, game devices, audio devices, power outlets, recharable power banks, Condensible room for excersise and vr Static tv with paint to leak out a design color n black light bulbs, Frames with art and close ones pins tacks string, plushies Food (vitamins needed) curry sushi jello beans oats fruit veggies
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🦇 ART comes and Goes places
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3d things- 3d skin mods for everyone lethalcomp (remember to save textures...) Print Jude Gift Game 3d enviroment for streams vrchat model fix 3dprinter to make anything.
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Entities like the weather move in seemingly pattern less ways through "existence" or where there should be. One, we will call origin, creates tunnels of its own that when there is naught it starts a new. It digs to that emptiness while the life within acts in their own direction. Other things in or out close up the tunnels by their ends, like nipping roots, but not of Origin's. Mazes are grown, but only one direction keeps on unless new tunnels keep connected. laksjdlkasjdlkaj

ill keep giving love and attention

even if it kills me.

me daning in vr as a gif to show someone "living"

gifs of fav arts i have to show off art fastrr

4 jars off coffee in the fridge that i kept drinking and replinshing the last cou0le days but had one actaully chilled over night to have.

tomato gaming, internet comment ettet, charborg, criken2, -

how to's


Gran blue with Dustyn

Isle with Jacob

Lethal with Allie Jude Mom Jeff Dio Tara Monkey

Eldin ring Dad

for computer-fences to keep your programs n files sorted is really nice- theres a steam thing for that but i got a free thing tho free online usually memes viruses so id say use a scanner or something to be safe- "itop"