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you should create an illustrated book. im blown away at how you made those flowers. so simple, but i would never have thought of that!!! AND i love how you have light brown designs on dark brown shapes. i love it when any artist 'hides' designs in plain sight.
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yaya, plan for illustration book... but vector art of this style, spend me a lot of time, really slow to draw this... too much layer... hehe, anyway, thanks, so happy u like it.....
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wow~nice style...i like it~
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WOW! Seen no likes use Illustrator CS3, Great skill :)
good job
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Another great one. It's really wonderful :)
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eh... u got open illustration class ar? hahahaha wan learn from u..
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hahaha.... wan meh?
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wan la... hahaha if u open class.. me and ah eng will be the first 2 to fill in the form.. lol
Seanleedesign's avatar need open class d, I can teach Eng in Karisma... hhahahah....
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aiyo.. u get to teach eng.. i din get to learn.... D:
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hahaha.....boh huat one...
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I'm such a big fan of your work. I love the way you pick your colours. To me, you did, one more time, a great job!
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wah! thanks! thanks for ur support! ahaha...
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the skull necklace seems like a little off to me. besides that i think it looks great. you got your own style distinctive :)

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wah! U long time din comment to my work d.. hahaha..
yaloh! I dun knw how to draw tht.....
haha! thanks........
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