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'Verse Dogs

Firefly meets Reservoir Dogs! This hit me the other day, had to do it. Now I want to stencil this out and paint it on my wall. Made this wallpaper sized, so snag at your leisure. If you repost, please credit
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dreaming4abetterday's avatar
This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great Pic! I'd be interested in the High Resolution as well (or purchasing it as a print if you offer that)!
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Love all things Firefly, classy piece!!
DONW999's avatar
Love the Firfly show! Great work!
animaniac1126's avatar
Really awesome, and like Doolittle said I would totally but a poster of this.
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SilvaInk's avatar
Fantastic idea! It's truly effective. Everyone is recognisable and full of character.
Doolittle123's avatar
I would buy this if you offered it as a poster. Otherwise, it's going up on my wall printed out on crappy 8-1/2 each paper. Tell me where to send the check! Seriously!
seankylestudios's avatar
I have a few different resolutions, once I figure out printing costs I'll definitely send you the info, Thnaks!
Doolittle123's avatar
That'd be great! Do you think you'll only offer it as a poster that needs to be mailed or also as a download I could print for myself? I have acess to a high end color printer that I could use.
seankylestudios's avatar
Hey man, sorry I totally spaced on getting an answer on this, send me your e-mail, I'd happily send you the highest res version I've got.
Doolittle123's avatar
Hey, that would be fantastic! Thanks!

Also, I am "Doolittle" over on the Shiflett Brothers forum, and I know I've left comments on your awesome sculpts many times. I am a big fan!
justin5578's avatar
A great show that was ended to way to early.... I dig the picture.
Sunnith's avatar
Hell yeah! I love that the only eyes you rendered were River's. Appropriate.
hurzdischnurz's avatar
not understanding the fascination for that firefly series. watched the movie, was mediocre at most.
seankylestudios's avatar
Good for you, maybe if you're going to be negative, just keep your mouth shut, just a thought
hurzdischnurz's avatar
i waited more for a reason why u and others find that series so good. maybe just answer instead of being cool, just a thought?
lost as to why anyone need explain anything to anybody such as yourself. If you need validation so badily I pity you little person...
hurzdischnurz's avatar
wtf was that now? u even read what i wrote? it was about a movie/tv series, and i wanted to know why many people like that mediocre b-movie. if u have a bad day, go buy a boxing bag and hit it.
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Remind me never to mess with you SKBstudios
seankylestudios's avatar
LOL, not me, but I'm damn protective of my Browncoats
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I love the fact that only River has her eyes done. It makes her even more special.... :)
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