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The 10th Doctor

Another of my latest commissions, a 1/4 scale caricaturized bust of David Tennat as the 10th Doctor. Hope you like.
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Dec 6, 2010, 11:07:19 AM
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Looks more like a thing.
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that's awesome - could tell who it was straight away.
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I prefer the 9th Dr....but I hate Rose. Sooo much.

 Ecklesteen was my first doctor, and he's...just this smiling shell of a man. I just relished his psychosis as the doctor who cosmocided half of existence.

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Never watched an episode in my life I've heard I need to start
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Well, it's effects aren't stellar, so if you're someone who needs that extra umph to buy a reality prepare to be disappointed; and it's science is usually very hokey: but what it lacks in flash it makes up for in story telling. The Doctor is brilliant writing...just not Rose. She's a self entitled ass wipe who basically tails him wherever he goes. He calls her a stupid ape, and I'm cool with that.
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Well I'm a Whedon fan, so cheap effects in favor of storytelling don't bother me, and charm goes  a long way, but seeing a few of the Tennant episodes, it felt really... broad.  I think I just need to start with the Ecclestone ones and give it a proper chance.
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It's british science fiction, which isn't quite as militaristic as American science fiction tends to be. The second episode has a summit of diplomats and galactic muckities watching the sun explode like a spectator sport, annihilating the solar system.
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Woah that's amazing!
wide eye durrr :whoa:wide eye durrr :whoa:wide eye durrr :whoa:
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Hey! I tried coloring this model.…
Take a look please :D
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no prob :D I love the expression and those textured details on clothes and hair :thumbsup:
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Wow, thats fantastic, bravo! :D
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