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Adventure Time with FlutterCord and RainiGum

A little crossover between MLP and Adventure Time

I'd love to see this two lovely couples actually meet each other, they would've been too fun to watch XD I'm sure they'd get alone just fine. After all, it's Fluttershy here, it can't be otherwise with her MLP:Evil fluttershy

I should work on my colors... They never look like I want them to(( "What to do, what to do" (c) Rainbow Dash
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This makes me smile :3
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Hmm, but can Discord or Fluttershy understand Unicorean (Lady Rainicorn's native language)?
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Probably Discord can? 0_o
Here's princess Bubblegum, she will translate))
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Awesome crosssover!!
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Thank you very much <33
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Ahh awesoooooome. I love it so much.
Brohoof /)
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Lol this is amazing!!!
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OH MY GOOOOD This is amazing!!!~
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Finally someone did it I had the feeling something would happen like this XD
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That's so cute :3
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