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i had a dream that i was going to university at some school in the united states. i was asking around for someone to help me learn computer programming. i found a guy to help me and he wanted me to pay him a queen for one hour of tutorial. so we started a lesson and i learned that he liked gold watches. and i had access to a bunch of gold jewellery. so i gave the guy two gold watches. i was looking at gold chains but i stopped looking at them because i did not know if they were real and i did not know their price. i then decided to go inside the school and i saw a few people that i knew from highschool. one worked in a circus instead of being a doctor and another was a repair man instead of being an accountant. when i went into the school i saw some big paintings that i knew how to recreate.
  • Listening to: donald trump money
  • Reading: game programming
  • Watching: hard earned
  • Playing: nhl
  • Eating: veggie burger
  • Drinking: water
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January 24


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