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Wart: Smashified Trophies

By SeanHicksArt
Wart, the main boss from Super Mario Bros. 2, is re-imagined in 3D with the latest episode of Smashified Trophies! Smashified Trophies is a series where we take on different characters, and turn them in a turn around in the style of a Smash Bros. trophy. This character was a lot of fun to approach- mainly for the 2D to 3D translation. It was a similiar process with Cackletta, but I added Maya and Topogun into the workflow. Timelapse video link is below if you wish to see the process!


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Did you use ZBrush for this model? 
SeanHicksArt's avatar
Yes! I used Zbrush; then a little bit of Maya for the crown and jewelry. 
Wild-Cartoon-Feather's avatar
BTW. Could you make the crown and the jewelry also with Blender? 
Wild-Cartoon-Feather's avatar
Why did you use Maya for the crown and the jewelry. 
SeanHicksArt's avatar
I tend to use Maya for subjects or elements that require some hard-surface modeling techniques. Makes it a bit easier!
Wild-Cartoon-Feather's avatar
If you would have made the jewelry and the crown in ZBrush, how would they have turned out?
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Nice it looks real. :)
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Suicidalpepe's avatar
We need wart In a new mario game 
BrandonVinallArt's avatar
I NEED this for VRChat!!
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Looks cool. He was in Mario's dream, right?
carmalcakes's avatar
im going to use this in a video tell me if you do not want this thank you
Estonius's avatar
Very cool and fun take on him!
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
Think your guys could do 3D trophies of previous Smashified characters?
luigio01's avatar
looking good! wart looks so good in this, expresses himself quite well! (or well, you expressed him quite well :p)
MarkProductions's avatar
Dang that's impressive!
evilwaluigi's avatar
MielKARi's avatar
this is awesome!
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