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Crash Bandicoot Smashified!

By SeanHicksArt
For the 15th installment of the #Smashified series, Cresh comes to life! Originally started as an April Fool's joke by Omni for a "Smashify plugin" for Photoshop, we decided to smashify the bandicoot seriously this time around. 

 You can watch the time lapse video here: Commentary , Without Commentary 

This is our take on one of the most iconic video game characters. In comparison to the last Smashified I tackled more of, which is Dixie Kong, I feel alot more pleased with this one. This time, I felt I was starting to understand the style of the smash renders more, as well as how to handle values of this intensity.
I definitely wanted to try to give Crash Bandicoot justice- he stars in some of my favorite games of all time.

Final clean up and textures were done by hextupleyoodot and Zesiul
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I hope he looks exactly like this! Why? because he looks modern and cool now!!!

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Well done i wish he will playblade on smash bros for the switch
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He was Playable in Super Smash Bros. Crusade.
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I think you should do Spyro next for his upcoming 20th anniversary next year.
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Good work. Crash is considered as one of the best candidates for the next generation of Super Smash Bros
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And rightfully so! He'd fit in perfectly with the wacky, cartoony atmosphere that the series gives off!
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I've got some taunts too!
Up Taunt: Crash does a few tricks with his yo-yo.
Side Taunt: Aku Aku appears and floats around Crash, who does a shortened version of the Macarena.
Down Taunt: Crash reaches into his back pocket and takes out a randomly-selected item relating to his franchise. Similar to Pac-Man's up taunt, but Crash will interact with some of these items. Here's a list.

Crystal (Crash will try to bite into the crystal, stop, look at the camera, and take it out of his mouth, grinning sheepishly before putting it away.)
Gems (Crash will juggle about a handful of different-colored gems)
Key (Crash spins the key between his finger and his thumb for a few seconds before accidentally hitting himself on the head with the long part of the key.)
Wumpa Fruit (Crash eats the Wumpa Fruit, healing him. I mean, nobody has a healing taunt yet, so why not, am I right?)
One of N. Brio's potions (Crash will sniff at the potion before drinking it, making a funny face afterward.)
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This is what Crash should have looked like in the new re-mastered Crash Bandicoot games.
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Maybe it will be actual DLC by the time the remakes arrive.
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OMG It's absolutely fucking amazing!!!
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The Crazy Bandicoot arrives.
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You really made my day! :D
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This is amazing, you've captured the essence of the character and stayed true to his style, while putting a Smash Bros twist on it. This definitely deserves a fav! :D

And massive kudos for using the Classic design and not the shitty Titans one.
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wish he had better chances at smash access. him with Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and PAC-MAN would complete the quintette of gaming's most recognizable characters from throughout the ages.
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Heh, liked to see Crash here. Maybe Titans!Crash should be an alternate costume. Some may not like that, but hey, it'd be a neat option if he were in.
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