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HP: My Heart Won't Let You Go

So,yeah,this is my entry for the Snily contest: [link]. This is supposedly a page ripped out of Snape's personal diary (if he ever had one :P). Not much to say,but by the look of it,Snape's a hardcore doodler ;).
Hope y'all like it :).

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Omfg, this is so adorable
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I love it!! Adorable, but I think that he would keep his diary more private... :iconohyoublushplz: 
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and a bully!Snily rocks!
MakaAlbarnxCrona's avatar
i ship Snily! James is too arrgonet!
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I ship both Jily and Snily :3. It's just that,both are cute in their own way :).
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"James the swine" XD I totally ship Snily. :)
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cute and awesome but the guy looks more sirius than severus :L sorry, i just dont see him as handsome or hot. im sure he could have been attractive in a way during his teenage years but he looks really confident and just not... him. lily looks perfect though :)
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Well,I know Snape has been described as "greasy-haired" and all,but hey! there's no harm in making him hot once in a while :3 and,sorry,I suck at drawing expressions. Thanks,anyways :).
oh, the hair is fair enough. i always thought that he probably only has greasy hair because being a miserable bastard 24/7, hair-care probably isnt top of his priorities. im sure his hair was alright during his teen years. you dont suck at expressions at all!!
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So cute :3 even if I can't imagine him usimg so bright colours.
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Thank you! Me neither,except that I love using bright colors. :)
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Aw,thanks! Means A LOT! :)
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