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Gah! - Finished at last!

This thing took me 3 days just the flat the darn thing because I kept on finding something else that needed to be defined, or something I'd missed... Then it took me the best part of 3 nights and all day Saturday to colour it. Plus it didn't help that I tried a few different colour combos that basically sucked and wasted time, so I ended up following the original colour scheme of the published picture (coloured by...??) But frankly I'm just glad that it's done and that I can now move onto something else...! :)

Pencils by :iconharveytolibao: - Harvey Tolibao
Inks by :iconjulienhb: - Julien HB

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© 2011 - 2021 SeanE
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Tanoko's avatar
This is one Badass Psylocke pic, wish i could color this damn good!Love 
DavidNevins's avatar
Amazing work man :D
TigerUpGAF's avatar
Psylocke nice girl
7disney7's avatar
cool psylocke!
mortalshinobi's avatar
very nice detail in the colors here. great work!
CarolineCosplay's avatar
Beautiful! I love the colors you used, especially on her uniform!
harveytolibao's avatar
Amazing one. WOw! :D
illahstrait's avatar
very nice collaboration
trackrunner49011's avatar
Impressive, those 3 days were worth it!
donkermaaag's avatar
Really cool! Love it!
nejo233's avatar
luv this 1...thumbs up :)
ThiagoRibeiro's avatar
Eddy-Swan-Colors's avatar
really love the color pallette dude.
AngryDrunk's avatar
piarro's avatar
awesome!!! she's one of my most favorite marvel characters of all time!!!
Oktanas's avatar
Tamoshi's avatar
Well, all that effort paid off, this is gorgeous. Absolutely love it.
cehnot's avatar
That is a lot of little detail colors. Nice work.
Konomaru's avatar
Psylocke!! great job!!
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