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It's the Apocalypse Charlie Brown!

By SeanE
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Ever since Lucy had finally gone too far in her quest for power and launched the nuclear apocalypse, Charlie Brown had roamed the wastes watching his Peanuts gang being whittled down one by one until only he and his faithful beagle; Snoopy IV were left.... But he would never give up, never. Not until he found the little red haired girl.

She was out there... somewhere...

pencils by Max Dunbar :iconmax-dunbar:
inks by Vitali Iakovlev :iconvitali-iakovlev:


The 3 of us have agreed to make this one available in highres if you want to make a print of it for your own for free! (Since it can't be legally sold due to copyright owner ships) The only proviso is that if you do make a print, that you not sell them commercially. 

BTW - If anyone ever does see them for sale at cons or elsewhere, feel free to dob the culprit in!



this picture is now featured on! -->…

Kind of buried with marking tests and stuff at work at present plus I've had two Zenescope covers to do this month, so I've quickly knocked this one up over our 3-day weekend we've had here this week.

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DavorZmajNew Deviant

2020 feels a lot like this...

A friend pointed out how similar it is - but also how different - to the Fool card from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck:

The parallel between those two aspects is brilliant. Nicely done!

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symphonydestroyerHobbyist General Artist
After a long ensuing battle, Lucy layed there on the ground coughing blood and near death, there was still one thing Charlie Brown needed to do.
Charlie: okay Lucy, what I’m gonna do now, is finally kick that football clear to the moon
Lucy: you blockhead cough there’s no football here...
Charlie: I know...
And with a running start he ran to Lucies broken body and kicked her head clean off her shoulders, the tyrant was dead...
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SeanEHobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, a little darker than I imagined but a good follow up. :)
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symphonydestroyerHobbyist General Artist
Well it is a post apocalyptic world caused by Lucy
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IggyHazardHobbyist Traditional Artist
Two words: Weapon Brown
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What. This exists. Oh god yes.
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Fantasticcc Traditional Artist
Woooow amazing! Love it!
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Bathesda presents...

Fallout 9 : Lucy's Curse
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I always knew Lucy would destroy us all
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I want this on my wall.  I joined deviant art today specifically looking for this.  I'd like to make it into a poster.  Lots of beautiful work in here, can anyone point me in the right direction? 
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SeanEHobbyist Digital Artist
You are allowed to download the highres printable version by hitting the "Download" button to the top right of the page and saving offline.

This will give you a file that will print suitably at about A3 size if you take this file into your local printers like Officeworks, Staples or some such.

The only proviso is that you only make a single personal print and not multiples for sale. I can't stop you doing that. It's just a trust thing.

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KrabyplanktonStudent Filmographer
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I wonder why no body made a fanfiction about this yet
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IggyHazardHobbyist Traditional Artist
Look up "Weapon Brown."
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You guys need to resolve any copyright issues and sell prints.   Seriously.   Contact them at
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ProphetStormStudent Writer
This. Is. Awesome. Holy crap. I love everything about it. The style, the attitude--it's all perfect!
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charactermaker27Student Artist
the real one wouldn't last five minutes in the apocalypse
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SnowInHadesHobbyist General Artist
Such a great idea and really well realized.
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SnowStormNinja24Student Writer
Woah... what an awesome idea! I love it! :D
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:iconfeaturedsignplz: Wonderful art. Featured here ---> Oh, Good Grief...
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Love it!
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