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Pencils by :iconkeucha: - Keu Cha
Inks by Vic LLamas

Would you believe I have NEVER done a Hellboy picture before now..?!

There were two hard things about this picture. One - how to make Hellboy stand out, and Two - what the hell to do with that crackle stuff that Keu had added in the background!??..?!

So I started off with a red clouded background fading to black and stars at the top trying to make Hellboy stand out, which worked to some degree but you lost the crackle stuff at the top. It looked ok at the bottom, even though it had no connection to the rest of the background, but it was ok....

Then I thought, who else has coloured this and what did they do? Turns out 5 people have given this a shot on DA including :iconsplashcolors: who made the crackle stuff a lightning effect. Brilliant!!! I thought, and immediately swiped the idea! :P

But then the red to black background didn't work. All you saw was this bright lightning crackle stuff and some odd shapes breaking it up here and there. You completely lost Hellboy and the stuff he's standing on to that bright bright crackle crap.

Back to the background then... Ditching the red-to black stuff (an hour and half down the drain) I went into my background folder. I keep all the old backgrounds that have turned ok in case I want to reuse and modify them. I do that when I'm feeling damm lazy and don't want to make a new background from scratch.. :P So, picking and choosing, mix and matching for about an hour or so I got what you see here. For those interested the final background is a mix of the Darkness 75 that I did, some elements of the Darkness 77 page and a section of the background to Hawkman - all of which can be found in my DA gallery here so go look for them if you like.

The rest of the picture was your standard colouring effort. :)

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Awesome ... 
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He never gets a break, does he? :no:
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Fantastic work !

Would love it if you could find time to colour some of my inks

....must learn photoshop !
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epic piece !!! absolutely awesome !!
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:chainsaw: Hellboy's so badass!
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This art is so EPIC! Hellboy is awesome!
Thanks for this piece!
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That is so bad ass, much watch movie now!!
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I dig the atmosphere and electricity. I like how you are finding that sublte understanding of letting the art breathe. You have this wonderful highlight wrapping around hellboys eyebrow/face that is perfect. Excatly how you should handle rim light. If you continue that strategically around his knee and leg it would create seperation. Also add some flesh like color to the thing comig would make it look more alive. Keep it up!!!!!
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wicked! - thanx for the crit. I'm off to make some 'subtle' changes then... :)
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gotta agree with spider, one of your best yet
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One of your best color works so far, my friend! :o
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love that one!!
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Stellar work as usual Sean!
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Excellent work Sean! One of your best!
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