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Dearest friends!

As we march towards the inevitable precipice that is the new site layout, I'm sure several of you are aware that the icon sizes will be upscaled from 50x50 to 100x100.  For those of that did not know, well, now you do :3c <3

I don't want to leave the scaling effect up to an algorithm on the site so~
I just wanted all of you to know that if I've ever made an icon for you, just send me a note reminding me of your icons and I will gladly create a 100x100 version using the original source file <3
This way the pixels should remain clean and crisp!

Here's an example:
50x50-Rook by seandunkley + Pixel Magic =  100x100-Rook by seandunkley

Don't be shy since I am doing this as a great big THANK YOU to all of you wonderful folks who got an icon from me (ฅ`ω´ฅ) ♡

Cheers and Stay Safe!
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thank you for doing this! That's very kind of you C:
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My pleasure :3 <3!
It is the least I can do for everyone!
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How are you upscaling them like this?
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It varies from program to program, but the best way is to scale all the frames using the 'nearest neighbour' function!
The key here is to avoid anti-aliasing/ smudging of the pixels and keeps the edges sharp <3
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How much do the bouncy pixels w/ a speech bubble cost again? :O

I have time to whip up some designs in exchange for someone ordering a comm for me. QwQ

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Currently, a standard animation [with the blep and bork] is going for 80 usd !
Adding a bubble costs 85 usd :3c <333
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How much for just a bounce pixel? :3

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Just the bounce pixel itself would be 80 flat (´꒳`)
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v cool! i'll try to situate a deal with someone so i can get one <3

i'll probably be using my new account @asterfell to do so, so you don't think i'm skipping out on you u-u

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Thank you for the heads up ;D <3!

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gosh this is so awesome of you!!!
thank you!! *O*
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My pleasure (●´□`)♡!!!
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That's super cool of you! ovo/

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I find it's the best way to show how much I appreciate everyone using my icons as avatars { @ˊꈊˋ@ } <3!!
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