2020 Update: Pixel and Sketch Commissions

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Wow, it's already 3 months into the new year [+ 5 more days until Animal Crossing ;3 ] and I've finally got the time to post up a new journal <3

Nothing fancy to declare, just that I am overall enthusiastic about expanding my comfort zone and producing more art and stories once again!

ALRIGHTY~ (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧
PIXEL ICONS go for 80 USD and you can now pick between 'Happy Bounce' & 'Soft Idle'╭( ・ㅂ・)و

Fenrir by seandunkley Rene by seandunkley Ry by seandunkley Ekhart v2 by seandunkley Galaxii by seandunkley Taum Taum Taum~ by seandunkley

Soft Idle:
Athes by seandunkley Pia by seandunkley Closet by seandunkley

[Pssst, You can also add a speech balloon for 5 USD ;3c]
Healing Dragon by seandunkley Pepper by seandunkley Kani Modi by seandunkley Meow by seandunkley Fraech by seandunkley August the vagabond by seandunkley

There is also the option of getting BOTH animations of a single character for 100 USD flat~

By the way, feel free to note me for Custom Animations, and I will gladly give you a quote (´꒳`)
Hannah by seandunkley Trick or Treat by seandunkley Oro by seandunkley Chiaroscuro by seandunkley
CHARACTER SKETCHES go for 50 USD [I really enjoy doing these as breathers between pixel icons. Very relaxing to draw (●´□`)♡]
et hop! by seandunkley Tales of Harsher Times by seandunkley Duel by seandunkley Reminisce by seandunkley Breather by seandunkley Star Chaser by seandunkley Cyclical by seandunkley Fulcrum by seandunkley Evening Repose by seandunkley

>Here's a link to a more detailed breakdown of my commissions:
© 2020 - 2021 seandunkley
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I'd love to be added to your ping list, please! :3c

seandunkley's avatar

Can do ╭( ・ㅂ・)و !

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Can you please add me to the pinglist? <3
seandunkley's avatar

Will do ' v' <3!

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Hello!!! Would it be possible for me to be added to your pinglist?

I have seen your icons around dA and I would absolutely love to get the bundle package plus the added speech bubble whenever you are open! Thank you so much for your time!

seandunkley's avatar


Firstly, Thank You so much for loving my icons <3!

I will gladly add you to the list :3

Orielyn's avatar


I absolutely love your icons! They are beautiful! <3

And ahh!! Thank you so much!!!! :3

TicciTiki's avatar

Hellooo, is it possible to get on the ping list? OWO

seandunkley's avatar

You most definitely can @ w@ !

TicciTiki's avatar

Yessss, thank you! You’re pixels are just amazing, I must have more QAQ

Ariz0na-TEK's avatar

Can I be added to the pinglist? 😔👉👈💕💞

seandunkley's avatar

Most definitely :3 !

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May I also be added to the pinglist? :0 sorry lol!!! You have a lot of fans!!!
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Thank you <3 and I will gladly add you to the list :3c!

It may be a long while before I open up my queue again, but worry not, your position has been added!

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hi there! would i be able to be on a ping list for when you reopen commissions please? ;U;b

seandunkley's avatar

Will do ; w;b <3 !

chimera-milk's avatar

aaa thank you so much!! ;U;/

MamaPorcupine's avatar

If you open commissions please let me know? I would love to have an icon! ;O; <333

seandunkley's avatar

Will do ' w' <333! I've got a list complied for once I reopen the commissions and you are now on said list~

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Ohh man, I definitely gotta keep my eye out for when these open up! :D I've commissioned a pixel icon before, and i've got a hankering for more now! <3

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Thank you (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧ !

Coincidently~ After clearing up my pixel icon queue, I am going to start a round of these sketch commissions, so I'll let you know <3

It's been a while and I am really excited about getting back into sketching!

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Holy moly I would die for those pixel icons, but I'm not sure it's open or I could manage to pay. ;A;

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Thank you for loving the icons regardless (●´□`)♡!

Currently, my queue is full but I will make sure to post a journal when the commissions are back up :3c

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