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Cyberpunk girl smoking a cigarette in the rain
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That's so siiiick! Great share bro 👍

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This picture is fantastic!

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honestly this kinda reminds me of myself, i have the same haircut and i *love* cyberpunk stuff
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Looks kinda like sombra from Overwatch lmao. love it♡
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V! She looks awesome!
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Can't tell if Symetra or V
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Wow. Very gestural.
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I can definitely see how this is not meant to be "exactly" Sombra from OW, but a lot of people (including me) seem to see her face. But whoever this person is, I love synthwave.
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amazing work! any tips on what program you used and brush settings?
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Lol thats what i thought
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idk maybe wasn't really thinking of her when i made this
But the character ended up looking like Sombra in the end. Heh. ^^; It is what it is I guess. But it's a nice artwork though.
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That's only because Sombra is a mish-mash of alot of generic cyberpunk tropes. 
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Amazing colors 
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I love the strong colors!
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This is really interesting looking :o
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Was this inspired by overwatch?
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