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May 3, 2013
Harry Potter Spells Infographic by ~SeanChunSeianLiew
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Suggested by Naeviss
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Harry Potter Spells Infographic

My project for college design course. It went through lots of refinements and here it is !
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Best. Fangasm. Ever.
Okay, dirty aside, THANK YOU :D I never knew I wanted this !!
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Would you ever consider selling prints of this? It's beautiful and I'd love to have it on my wall.

EDIT; just realized how old this is; how have I not seen this yet
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Sharing for m00nsugars because this design is super cute in terms of remembering and learning spells quickly!!
(also totally not maybe sorta thinking of making an HP oc?)
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now I know how the crucio curse feels like...
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Very awesome concept of Harry Potter spells
amazing awesome great work
Excellant really but some print too small for me to read,is there a larger version?
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You are a wonderful person, with a wonderful mind, and I wish wonderful things for you. 
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This. Is. Freaking. Amazing.
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hey take a look the most best infographic video :…

the most amazing tilt shift video…
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This is so pretty! I love the browns, it seems so warm and inviting and whimsical!
love this!! thanks!
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Great thing! Why haven't I saw it before? =D Well done!
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WOnderful ! simple and neat design, i love it :)
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