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Selina Kyle Batman Shirt


Yes Selina, THE Selina you know the one with all the cat stuff.  I guess there are Batman shirts available in Gotham too (though probably produced in Vietnam Indonesia or India, am I right or am I right…)  How do you like Selina rocking this outfit?  And this attitude?  Does she ever not rock an attitude?  What is with the attitude!  Lol, priceless!

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If it had some cleavage or underboob it would be perfect for Selina but still nice job I love it when artist try coming up for more casual but still stylish clothes for Superheroes

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lol Thanks :D I was trying to make the clothing fit somewhat into my Savage States material, as if the Batman characters exist in that semi-apocalyptic world, so that accounts somewhat for her look here.

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Agree with the cleavage feedback, Catwoman without it just isn't the same, but overall I really like the look.

The fish net arm is especially "punk".

I think a cat ear headband that that some technological use as well would have been an awesome addition as well.

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I like Batman too!
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So do I :D But I don't have a fanart of him ready yet. Maybe I'll draw him with a Catwoman shirt ;)