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Rocket Woman


Meet Curly Cue.

 She found a rocket sitting alone, unattended, on a United State military base.  Naturally she mounted up and took the missile for a ride. 

 Like you would have done any different? 

 Sadly, this might be the end for dear Curly Cue.  That is, unless she turns out to be a popular character, in which case she’ll develop some handy plot armor and somehow survive this little misadventure.  It’s up to you people.  Would you trade likes for poor Curly Cue’s life?  Save the sweet darling, save her!

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lol yes :D I recall that footage though I have never seen the movie, after I had drawn this picture I started to realize more and more that it was very reminiscent of that movie scene :)

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Makes me thing of TankGirl :tank:

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lol That's probably a bit of the vibe I was going for :D