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Another veteran of the mid-21st century wars within the former United States of America—now, the United State.

Did you think the 20th Century would last forever?  Did you think it was now time for 20th Century 2.0?  No, the 20th Century ended in 2008.  Now in 2020 some people realize that.  It is hitting hard, and hitting heavy, and heaving and wheezing into the new age, the new era.

This is not just casual stuff and carefree bantering and watching videos for fun, anymore.  There is a serious catastrophe rolling on and out right now, you have to be prepared for a lot more chaos and disintegration to come.  The economy, in particular, is in the last run-up stages of the full implosion, this thing has been building for decades, and the breaking point will occur, and it will happen very quickly, often these pressures build with rumblings under foot, for years and years, and then, in volcanic fashion, the blowout happens and there is an eruption.  The signs and symptoms are there all along but until the top blows and the fire rains down no one takes it as seriously as they ought to, until the serious is completely serious and nothing but serious.  So, look out, this isn’t just fiction or some kind of fabricated world building, Savage States that is, there are deep premises worked into all this, based on actual economic, political and societal imbalances, fractures, fissures, instabilities, distortions, manipulations, schemers’ games and methods, abuses of power, siphoning wealth of entire civilizations, draining the lifeblood of cultures, and the disillusionment of an entire era, and the cobbling together of a new, rougher, harsher, poorer, and more down-to-the-ground reality.  Musk can dream about Mars, while everyone else dreams about how to piece back together a life and reality that somewhat resembles what they had in the prior age.  Good luck everybody.

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