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Peregrine Falcon

By SeanAvery
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Commissioned work for Scitech.

Wire mesh Frame
CD shards
Hot glue
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Wow! I thought it was creative of me to make a mobile from CD's, this, however is marvelous!
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Glad you like it!
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Wow amazing and beautiful! About how many CD's did it take?
Could I try to make one at some point? I don't want to steal your idea :)
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Thanks for all the comments and the favs! This one took around 50 CDs to make if I remember correctly. Go ahead and try the technique if you'd like, a few other people have! =)
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Wow and thank you! Me and my mum recently found a large cardboard box completely filled with blank CD's (the ones you can put stuff on just the once then it's unchangeable I think) in my nans house (why, I don't know) and we took them home and they are currently sitting in my shed, with no use for them. So maybe i'll try this technique when I have time :)
I have tried it with the leaves from a pineapple and it would look awesome if I could figure out how to stick thm together haha. I need to buy a glue gun anyway :)
You know the legs and things? Is that just the mesh underneath the paint? Or is it foil or something
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This is amazing! How do I commission one of your works of art?
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This is Amazing. How do I go about commissioning a piece?
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How can I get a commissioned piece, this is amazing?
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Glad you like it! Send me an email at and we can have a chat about a piece of work that you might want me to make. =)
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Incredibly creative and beautiful. I'm speechless...
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I'm glad you like it. Thank you!
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It's so shiny!
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how stunning! thats just really amazing! :O i really like the cat one too!!
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Thanks so much!
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Utterly gorgeous and mesmerising - this is beautiful, and it must have taken an absurd amount of time. I take my hat off to you, sir! :iconisayplz:
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Ha ha, thanks a lot!
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I want an entire forest made of your sculptures!
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That would be an awesome project!
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I found you through a link from another site- very glad I did. Absolutely beautiful work!
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Thanks, glad you like the work!
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