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This is the Male Fleeple. He loves grape juice.

Made from:
Wire mesh
CD shards
Plenty of hot glue
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this one makes me think your next cd endeavor should be pokemon.... >_> i cant be the only one wanting a cd vaporeon
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It has crossed my mind once or twice — I always thought Jolteon would be the perfect subject!
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he would be pretty cool but i have a completely unfair bias towards vaporeon :) but yeah jolteon is spikey and so is pidgeoto(sp?)
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I want one of these.
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I unfortunately sold this little guy a few months ago! =(
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wow, don't know what to say... i mean, i throw out plenty of cd's that don't work anymore and didn't know they could be turn into this

awsome work :)
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Thanks, I can't ever seem to find enough CDs =)
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Featured here : [link] ;)
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That's pretty awesome. I like how you layered the feathers, it's really great.
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A lovely recycled use for CDs! Simply stunning!
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aaa looks cute :3
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o_O AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_o
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It looks angry =P Pretty!
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ha ha, yeah...
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:D I am in adoration with your fleeples! :love: What do you use to cut the CDs? It looks like it's serrated, and it makes them look rather more 'feathery' than a straight cut would. :D

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Thanks! Just used a pair of kitchen scissors. I know what you mean about the serrated edges, it's a nice (unintentional) affect. =)
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now that's a creative way to recycle! XD
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I try my best =)
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lol...great way to recycle some OUTDATED items!
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