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SAVAGE BATTLEGROUND: SURVIVORS OF THE CANNIBAL DARK AGE Book 1 (Zombie Apocalypse Novella Series- Saga 1) [Kindle Edition]

111 page novella 0.99 cent download (discounted price for a limited time only) now available on AMAZON

The zombie apocalypse has begun as the outbreak of an unknown pathogen has caused a lethal plague threatening the human race with extinction. As civilization descends into a primitive Dark Age, survivors struggle against hordes of infected, undead cannibals, marauders, subjugation, animal predation and a growing firestorm burning across the western United States. With the fall of the thin veneer of societal order, the true animal nature of mankind is revealed as the living must adapt to a Savage Battleground where only the strong will survive with the hope of rebuilding a new world. 

BOOK 1 (30,605 words) of this ongoing episodic novella series (published bimonthly, with cliff-hanger conclusions) from the SAGA 1 timeline of the SAVAGE BATTLEGROUND: SURVIVORS OF THE CANNIBAL DARK AGE universe is intended for Mature Readers 18 years of age and older and follows survivalist Caleb Cartwright, searching for his runaway daughter, along with a small group of survivors struggling to endure the initial stages of a horrific zombie plague. 

Internationally acclaimed creator Sean Patty offers a character-driven, uncompromising journey into the human condition and an exploration of the animal nature of man, self-determination, evolution, religion, philosophy, suicide, love and loss, struggle and hope in this epic, apocalyptic story told with greater realism regarding character development, dialogue, sexuality, fast-paced action and brutal warfare. 

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New SEAN PATTY Art Magazine and Comics from BATTLEGROUND VICTORY

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(40-page Magazine-sized publication, color cover, color/bw interior, Mature Readers for violence and nudity)
Available Now for Paper at INDYPLANET
 and Digital Download (DRM-Free) from AMAZON
Paper $5.50
Download $2.99 

Nb Jpeg Frontcover by Sean-Patty

Sean Patty’s BATTLEGROUND VICTORY Comics Fantasy Art Magazine 1 is a 40-page color/bw publication (8”x10.5”) showcasing the acclaimed independent creator’s ongoing work in comics, paintings, illustrations, pinups, cards, along with art tutorials, writings and photos now available for print and digital download.

In this issue: Patty’s epic Dark Age comics saga Worgard Viking Berserkir: Renegade (Book 2) returns serialized here at magazine size in all its adventurous and brutal glory, a Patty interview/article conducted for the Los Angeles Times in 2000, an informative Thor: Sky God painting demo illustrating how Patty creates a fantasy art masterpiece in only 7 steps, a fantasy art gallery, behind the scenes pictures from the Battleground Victory photo file, collector showcase and more. Mature readers for violence and nudity. 

“[Sean Patty's] style is advanced and has good detail.” -Heavy Metal artist Richard Corben.


(36-page Comic Book-sized publications, color covers/bw, ink/tonal interiors, Mature Readers for violence and nudity)
Available Now for Paper
 from INDYPLANET and Digital Download (DRM-Free) from AMAZON
Paper $3.50
Download $2.99

Nb Jpeg Wvb1-frontcover by Sean-Patty

Creator Sean Patty’s acclaimed fantasy/adventure comics series for mature readers, WORGARD: VIKING BERSERKIR, returns in 3 new remastered editions from BATTLEGROUND VICTORY.

The Dark Ages, A.D. 853. As the Vikings continue their bloody conquest of western Europe, their greatest champion, Worgard, the most fierce and powerful of the berserkir, growing weary of war and senseless slaughter, increasingly tormented by his dark, violent nature and struggling for self-knowledge, now finds himself questioning his once-cherished Norse ideals and traditions, yearning for the freedom to pursue a higher purpose in the world.

But to win his independence, he must wage war against his own people. Aided by a beautiful Eurasian archeress, Ranhee, with her feral wolf-dog companion, Kibo, Worgard must challenge the scores of savage Viking warriors commanded by his uncompromising father, Gorm, their chieftain, who is determined to crush this act of rebellion. 

Detailed ink/tonal artwork highlight this fantasy/adventure comic book series from creator Sean Patty, whose epic vision of the Dark Ages chronicles the life and death of Worgard, the greatest of the Viking berserkir warriors. 

“Relive the thrilling days of Viking yore! Sword and sorcery fans, rejoice–this one's got all you’re looking for, and more!” -Diamond Comics Previews Magazine.

“Comics with a cause.” –The Los Angeles Times.

Nb Jpeg Wvb 2 Frontcover by Sean-Patty

The strongest of the Viking berserkir warriors, Worgard, having been forced into war against his Norse brethren, has seemingly won the freedom to seek a new life free of the wanton dark deeds and bloodshed of his past, but now faces his enraged brother, Ragnar, who is determined to slay him for this act of rebellion against their fallen comrades. Also, Eurasian archeress Ranhee returns with Kibo the wolf-dog. 

“Highly personal Dark-Age drama.” -The Comics Buyer's Guide.

Nb Jpeg Wvb3-frontcover by Sean-Patty

Now a renegade, having won the freedom to seek his true destiny, Worgard has headed south with newfound companions, Ranhee and Kibo, eluding the murderous hunt led by his chieftain father, Gorm, and the horsemen of doom, seeking retribution for Worgard’s violent rebellion and the brutal slaying of his brother Ragnar. A bloody fortress siege awaits the travelers at Camargue on the Mediterranean Sea, and this issue also features a revealing flashback to Worgard’s youth, his father’s influence in shaping him into a warrior predator, plus appearances by Viking war hero Thorkil. 

“[Worgard is] atmospheric and intriguing.” -Comics International Magazine.
SEAN PATTY ART PRINTS DIRECT: Sean Patty art images are all available as professionally printed signed art prints on premium glossy 80-pound acid-free paper. Each print is inspected by Patty upon receipt from the printer and autographed on the lower right white border in black ink. Send a note and an image link to order a print of your favorite Patty pinup, illustration, painting or comic book page (as seen here on DA or on my main website BATTLEGROUND VICTORY.COM or from a Sean Patty google image search, etc)  directly from BATTLEGROUND VICTORY (All images are available as a 11"x8.5" print, but only larger works are available as a 17"x11" print, feel free to inquire). You will be sent an invoice by note or email. BV accepts PayPal, USPS Money Orders and cash. No checks.

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BW- $2.99
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$6.95 USA

BW- $4.99
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THORKIL THE VIKING Painting by Sean-Patty
THORKIL THE VIKING 17"x11" art print, only $5.99